Top 5 Best Genealogy Software [2021]

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best genealogy software

Best Genealogy Softwares

Are you looking for the best genealogy software? If yes, then you can read this article, we have tried to compare a few Top 5 Reputed Genealogy Software so you can make the decision. All these software are used by professionals and beginners.

In the ancient age, genealogists use to keep their research on paper. It was difficult for people to get all the information in one place and keep them organized in a way that they access it in a jiffy. You should use genealogy software for your research so you can get your research done faster and it will be organized. There is much genealogy software available so which one should you use. Here is some useful information about this software. Find the information below and decide which you should use.

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What should you look for in the best genealogy software?

  • Easy to build your family tree so you will not be banging your head while working on your tree.
  • Record information about your family from your ancestors to a newborn baby.
  • Store photographs and another document in your software for reference.
  • Let link your ancestors to the informational website like or
  • Export your information or create a Gedcom file so if you change your software, you will not lose your data.
  • Create a family chart or ancestors report. This will help you to show your work at a family reunion.
  • User can search hints of ancestors and merge into the software.

Do all these 4 software companies have these features? Yes, then which one should you use. It’s very difficult to say. It really depends from user to user. We are putting more information below so it will help you decide.

Family Tree Maker 2019

Family Tree maker is one of the top 5 best genealogy software and all-time genealogist favorites. The interface of this software is good so the software lets you build your tree easily. It has predefined genealogy reports that you can create without any hassles. You can also connect your software to or to get hints in your tree when you search for a person.

Color coding is one of the features added in the family tree maker. Which makes family tree maker the best genealogy software. This feature makes your tree look cool and the best part. You will be able to see the bloodline. You can use some plugins to get a better experience with this software.

Charting companion plug-in lets you create different charts from your family tree software. If you are using a Family book creator, it will help you to create a family book. You can publish it and give it to your family. As per us, this is one of the best software but when you compare the report options with Legacy. They are better than Family tree maker 2017.


This is one of the best genealogy software, you can think of using. The software does not have a lot of features that you may get in FTM17. It has few features that you will not be able to see in another program. One of its features lets you load a copy of your entire software on a USB drive. This is called RootsMagic To-Go. Also, it can let you open multiple data which other genealogy software does not do. This software does not have a lot of chart options.

Legacy Family Tree

This software has been in the market for a long and trust me it has proved its worth. It has an inbuilt browser as Family Tree Maker has. Legacy gives you a lot of options to create charges and to print them out. Recently they have added an X-DNA chart. This helps users to track if they are from similar genetic or different. If you have two records or the same person, you can easily check both data which is not available in Family Tree Maker.

MyHeritage Family Tree

Family Tree Heritage has a lot of cons and it needs to have a lot of improvements as per genealogist. This software lets you connect to FamilySearch, Ancestry, and many other websites to get information.

Ancestry Family Tree

Ancestry Family Tree is one of the best genealogy software for creating a family tree. It is used by a lot of peoples in the USA.

By entering a few facts related to your family, you can easily make a tree by using Ancestry Family Tree. You just need to insert your name, gender, and your age to start a family tree. All the rest work is done by itself. If you are using Ancestry family Tree then only a single name is enough to start making your pedigree. Here ancestry offers you billions of records in which you can easily search your family members.

These are some top 5 best genealogy software that you can use and make your family tree. All these are the best genealogy software for professionals. If you are searching for the best genealogy software for Mac then you can use any one of these. If you need any kind of help then you can call the family tree maker support number. We are always ready to help you and happy to serve you.

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