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FTM 2019 Support

Learn how to get FTM 2019 support. And if you are searching for the same then you will surely be at ease as your solutions are right here. You will just have to read along with this blog carefully. In this post, we will tell you where you can get the FTM 2019 Support.

Steps to get Family Tree Maker 2019 Support

  • You have to first open the form 2019 upgrade page on the MacKiev website.
  • Please enter the details properly for verification.
  • After doing so, you would receive an email saying ‘Thank you for the FTM 2019 Support purchase’.
  • Now click on the continue option.

In case, you want to download the software, then you select the download option. After that, you would get a link, just click on that for further process.

Also, you must be aware that MacKiev has stopped the sync of FTM 2014 and the older version; therefore you must need to upgrade the FTM 2019 support. So, the steps for the same are the following;

  • You need to first give a double click on the file option.
  • Then, you have to follow the respective guidelines followed by the software.
  • After installing Family Tree Maker, you would see the icon for FTM2019.
  • Click on Icon to open your Family Tree Maker 2019.

Let’s now look at the various issues that users are facing while upgrading the family tree maker

  • If you are facing while labeling error page issues in which the screen gets white.
  • Issues with date and time
  • Whenever looking for fetching the data, I found a 404 error.

Therefore, for fixing the above problems, we are providing you the certain tips which may help in resolving the respective issues;

  • You will need to clear history so the old cache will not affect your browser.
  • Maybe your system is not supporting the respective software, so you can use another computer for that.
  • You are also required to check for the antivirus; maybe it would not allow you to do the access.


  • You don’t need to worry about the data. As they already get moved to the new version after getting updated.
  • FTM also provides the features of another language.

Now we hope that you are satisfied with the above instructions and solutions, as they are reliable to help you get all started with your Family Tree Maker. But if you still have some other queries or issues regarding the same then you must right away reach out to the technicians at Family Tree Maker Support Number +1-800-631-1357. The team of efficient techs will be there to assist you instantly. Now you can also call us at our new toll-free number +1-877-478-4954.

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