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Family Tree Maker Software In-Depth Review [2023]

family tree maker software review 2023
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Family Tree Maker Software Review 2023

Before starting Family Tree Maker Software Review, let us first find out more about it. Once you know what it is, you can review it in detail about its merits and flaws as compared to other genealogy software.

In this post, we will tell you an in-depth review of the most popular genealogy software Family Tree Maker. We promise that after reading this post, you get full knowledge about family tree maker software.

What Is Family Tree Maker Software?

It is a computer software used to record, manage, and share ancestral data. Like other genealogy software available in the market. It also has basic functions like recording the facts like Birth/Death dates, Marriage, Events, and the life of your ancestors in a nutshell.

Features of Family Tree Maker Software

The latest Family Tree Maker Software has produced added features. Like Family Search Integration 2.0, where you will have access to historical record hints and download the branch of your tree from FamilySearch.

Hints were available earlier in Tree View. In the latest Family Tree Maker software, Ancestry and FamilySearch hints show up in the People index. Hints in the Index is undoubtedly an exciting feature where you can check for hints by looking through the index.

Now, you can automatically add new people to your filter list through Smart Filters. For example, if your filtered list is for Military service, and if you add more servicemen to your tree, they will add to your filtered list.

With the smart technology applied in the latest Family Tree Maker software, you can easily crop a picture with the Profile Picture Cropping Tool. It will detect the person’s face and crop a perfect square after zooming it to the right amount.

With the Tree Browser feature, you will find all your trees in one place. You can find if the Family Tree Maker tree has a linked Ancestry Tree or if there is no linked tree to Ancestry. You can see the tree’s location if it is on Ancestry, on your computer hard drive, or in the cloud.

Why People Need Of Family Tree Maker Software?

You need Family Tree Maker software to build your family tree with easy steps. The features of the latest Family Tree Maker software enable you to build your tree not only with easy steps but with confidence.

The tools and integration give you the edge over other genealogy software. It is updated to meet technological advancement and is compatible with the latest operating systems, whether it is Windows or Mac.

Versions Of Family Tree Maker Software

Family Tree Maker 2019 is the latest version of family tree maker. Some other versions are given below. It has been for about 30 years; Family Tree Maker is helping researchers to organize their family heritage. It assimilates information from websites like Ancestry and FamilySearch. The Family Tree Maker versions include:

FTM Version 1.0, FTM Version 2.0, FTM Version 3.0, FTM Version 3.2 for Mac, FTM Version 4.0, FTM Version 5.0, FTM Version 6.0 and FTM Version 7.0, FTM Version 7.5, FTM Version 8.0, and FTM Version 9.0, FTM Version 10.0 & FTM Version 11.0, FTM Version 2005, FTM Version 2006 and FTM Version 16, FTM Version 2008, FTM Version 2009, FTM Version 2010, FTM Version 2011, FTM Version 2010 for Mac, FTM Version 2012 & FTM Version 2014, FTM Version 2014 Mac, FTM Version 2014.1 & FTM 3.1, FTM Version 2017 ( 23.0, 23.1, 23.2 and 23.3 ), and the latest FTM Version 2019 ( 24.0, 24.0.1, 24.1, and 24.2).

From Where We Get Family Tree Maker Support?

You can get support on chat from Mackiev. It is a software developer and currently owns the Family Tree Maker software. Phone and remote support are available from independent service provider Family Tree Maker Support on +1-800-697-1474. The chat support from Mackiev is free of cost.

However, phone and remote support are available after you sign up for the service. Since phone support is 24×7 available, so you can contact the experts for any question – anytime.


In this post, we tried to give you an in-depth review of family tree maker software. Here you get what is family tree maker and what is the benefits of a Family Tree Maker are.

If we talk about the versions then we also give you the information about the versions. You can choose any version of the family tree maker software.

We think this is the best family tree maker software review 2023 that you ever read. For your help, we have a FAQ Questions section so that you can get the solution easily.

FAQ Questions

Here we have a FAQ section about the family tree maker software review, have a look:

#Q1. Is Family Tree Maker still available?

Ans: Yes, Family Tree Maker is still available. The latest version of family tree maker is family tree maker 2019.

#Q2. How much does Family Tree Maker Software cost?

Ans: The cost of Family Tree Maker software is $79.95 and the upgrading price is $59.95.

#Q3. Is there a free version of Family Tree Maker?

Ans: If you are searching for a free version of family tree maker then you should go with Gramps.

#Q4. Is Family Tree maker 2019 compatible with Windows 10?

Ans: As Family Tree Maker 2012, Family Tree Maker 2019 is compatible with Windows 10.

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