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Family Tree Maker 2019 Review

Family Tree Maker 2019 Review
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Family Tree Maker 2019 Review, Price, Services, And Features

Welcome to our new topic Family Tree Maker 2019 review. From this review, a lot of people get help to understand the best genealogy software. So read the full article.

Family Tree Maker 2019, is one of the best genealogy software all over the world. It was released on 29 Sep 2019, as in its 30th-anniversary edition. Many people have used the family tree maker for over 20 years since it was released.

The first version of FTM is version 4.0. It is a very important or special software for those people who love their family and want to store their family’s beautiful memories. So we decided to write this topic Family Tree Maker 2019 review. In this post, you will get all the information about the Family Tree Maker 2019.

Family Tree Maker software has seen many changes and improvements since it was released. In this post, we will tell you all about related to FTM like its price, its services, and why people choose this software rather than other genealogy software.

Family Tree Maker 2019 Key Features

This software has some best and amazing features. Here, we give some features of this software, you can check them. 


If I talk about Family Tree Maker price then the full price of this software is $79.95. If you want to upgrade this then you have to pay only $59.95. You can upgrade this right now with $49.95 which is a special offer. You can get a Family Tree Maker 2019 discount after this. If you do a pre-order for this software then you have to a special discount on that order.

TreeVault Cloud Services

As its name, it is a cloud service offered in Family Tree Maker 2019. With this service, FTM users also get some more features. If you do a pre-order then you will get these features free but if you want to purchase this then you have to pay $20. Know more about TreeVault Cloud Services. Check out some more features.

Emergency Tree Restores Service

With this service, you can restore your family tree at any time. If your computer hard drive crashes or some other issues you can’t open your family tree.

FTM Connect

It is a free mobile app application for iPad, iPhone, and future coming android. With FTM Connect you can easily see your latest family tree anywhere, at any time. The most important point of FTM Connect is you can see your family tree even if your PC is off.

Historical Weather

It is also a nice option with Family Tree Maker 2019. With this option, you can check a billion historical weather records and use them in your FTM. You will never be bored again with dates. You should check also how to sync weather reports.

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Next Of Kin

Next of Kin provides you a feature to assign a successor to your family tree. This means if for some reason you can’t handle your tree or if you want to give control of your family tree to another person. Then you can easily do this with this feature. With this, you will get a certificate that may like your bill. In this bill, you get the license of your family tree.

FTM Connect has been changed to Family Tree Maker Connect. You can also get this for free in the Apple App Store.

Historical Weather, you can access this from the TreeVault button in the main toolbar. It works by entering the date and the place and the rest work is done by this. Historical weather checks both and shows the result according to the query.

Next of Kin, with this, you can give access to your tree to one more person. That person will take care of your family tree after you. You can give full authority to that person so that the person can manage your tree completely.

With this service, you get a certificate. This certificate is just like a bill that you can also print or save in PDF format.

Rich Color Coding

It is an improvement in the color-coding feature. This feature was introduced in FTM 2017. Rich color coding allows you to assign the same color to your ancestors. If you want to show a person that is related to a specific ancestor then you can mark the same color as that ancestor has.

Tree Browser

This is another small feature in Family Tree Maker 2019. As the name reflects, you can see your family tree organized by recent, all trees, FTM folder, ancestry, and TreeVault. With a tree browser, you can see all the data of your tree like media, photos, and dates. You can also see your tree by modified dates.

Profile Picture Cropping Tool

It is used for clear profile pictures shown on your tree. Profile picture cropping tool helps you to detect the person’s face and in cropping in the perfect way. The best of all of this tool is the original photo is not touched when you use this feature. You can say that it is a smart technology to detect a person’s face.

Folder Counter

It simply counts the number of items on the person’s notes, media, and web links.

Smart Filters

Smart filters are an enhancement filter feature that you will get in FTM 2017. It allowed for saving the list of people according to specific criteria such as military service. The list you get by this feature does not automatically update you have to update the list manually.

Hint In The Index

It shows whether the person related to Ancestry or FamilySearch hints. Of course, this only works when you log in to each site. It is beneficial or useful if you want to check for the people in the filtered list.

FamilySearch Integration 2.0

It was also added in FTM 2017 and continued with FTM 2019. This feature is used for matching profiles with your tree.

Family Tree Maker 2019 Review On Bugs

In the Family Tree Maker 2019 review, we tell you about the bug found in FTM.

New Bugs

The new bug of Family Tree Maker 2019 is your ancestry login information is no longer stored. The other new problem with FTM 2019 is that Edit>Find and Replace (CMD-F/CTRL-F) does not work properly. A few minor bugs in the web search for FamilySearch are no results found always being displayed.

Old Bugs

Distinct from Edit>Find is Edit>Find Individual; is not working properly in both FTM 2017 and FTM 2019. The second problem is located in the tree button is not clickable.

FTM 2019 Rollout

Software: Software MacKiev sends 10,000 e-mails at a time, in order to buy copies to those who pre-ordered FTM 2019. They do not overwhelm the cloud service servers from TreeVault, which first need to create new accounts and upload trees. You can get your trees ready for upgrading by compacting the file and backing up your trees until your email notification is received (if pre-ordered).


This is all about Family Tree Maker 2019. We did the Family Tree Maker 2019 review only for you. Even still you have any issues regarding FTM or want to know some info. Then you can directly call the family tree maker support number at +1-800-697-1474.

For free help, use Family Tree Maker’s live chat. It is a free service and easy to use. You can get this service on our site’s right side bottom.

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FAQ Questions On Family Tree Maker 2019 Review

#Q1. Is Family Tree Maker 2019 any good?

Ans: Family Tree Maker 2019 is a very good genealogy software. It provides manual and automatic controls. The company introduced this with some new features.

#Q2. Is Family Tree Maker still supported?

Ans: Yes, family tree maker is still supported. To get instant support, call +1-800-697-1474 any time. Now software Mackiev gives support for this.

#Q3. Which is better RootsMagic or Family Tree Maker?

Ans: Both are the best genealogy software. You can choose any one of them according to your needs.

#Q4. Is Family Tree Maker 2019 Window 10 compatible?

Ans: Family Tree Maker 2019 is compatible with Windows 7 and its later versions.


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