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print a family tree

Printing a family tree and decorating your home with this is a very good idea. Are you also thinking to print a family tree with free family tree templates then this post is only for you? In this post, we will tell you how can you take a family tree printout.

You can print a family tree in two different forms pedigree view and family tree view. To print your pedigree tree printed professionally please contact us.

Family Tree Views

As we tell you before that, you can print your family tree in two ways:

Pedigree View

In a pedigree view, people present horizontally to the left to the right side. On the right side there are the youngers and on the left side the ancestors. A pedigree tree view looks like as given below:

pedigree view

Family Tree View

The family tree view runs top to bottom. The ancestors on the top and the leaf remain at the bottom. A family tree view takes more paper than a pedigree view when you print a family tree.

family tree view

How to Print A Family Tree From Ancestry

If you want to print a family tree then please follow the given steps:

  • First, go to any page of your ancestry account.
  • Click on the tree tab and select the tree that you would want to print.
  • On your tree left side, choose the view (pedigree/family) of your tree.
  • Click on the print button to print.
  • Your tree will be printed.

Printable Someone’s  Relationship to You

If you want to print someone’s relationship from the tree. Then check the given below instructions:

  • Go to the profile page to whom relationship you want to print.
  • Click on relationship to you.
  • After that from the Window, you will see a print button.
  • Click on the print this page button.
  • Then click ok or print.

Printing A Family Group Sheet

Please follow the given steps:

  • Go to a profile page and click on the tree name menu.
  • Select the family group sheet from the drop-down button.
  • On the top right corner, click on the print button.
  • Click print or ok button.


So this is how you can print a family tree in two ways. For more information or any issues solution you can call family tree maker support phone number. Our tech support number is +1-800-697-1474. You can also do a family tree maker live chat with our technician team.

You can also use free family tree templates to print.

FAQ Questions

How can I print my whole Family Tree?

Go to your ancestry account page and click on the tree that you want to print. Choose the tree view in which you want to print. After that on the top right corner, you will see a print button. Click on that Print button.

How do you print a family tree on FamilySearch?

On the right side of the screen, locate the Print section and select either Family or Family with Sources. Click the printer icon on the PDF that appears. Print by clicking the Print button. In a new tab, the chart opens as a PDF.

How do I make a family tree chart online?

To make a family tree chart online, follow the given instructions:
1. Collect the information.
2. Choose free family tree templates.
3. Add family members.
4. Use lines to connect the relations.
5. Share your tree with your relatives.

Is there a family tree templates on Google Docs?

Making your family tree with Google Docs is simple because it contains almost all of the tools you’ll need. It’s similar to using Microsoft Word in that you can start with a blank file or open a template, then edit it until it’s exactly what you need.

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