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TreeVault Cloud Services In Family Tree Maker

treevault cloud services

Last updated on January 19th, 2024 at 09:20 am

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TreeVault Cloud Services

TreeVault Cloud Services offers a wide-ranging choice of exceptionally effective tools that make it easier for you to work with your tree.

First, you must create a TreeVault account. In the beginning, the TreeVault Cloud Services are free so you can try it out for a limited time. Once the trial period ends, it will change to a paid service.

You can create a TreeVault account in three ways.

  1. After you successfully installed the Family Tree Maker 2019 on your computer, first you register the copy in step 1. On step 2 of the Family of Registration wizard, click the Create Account button.
  2. In Family Tree Maker 2019, select Connect to TreeVault Cloud Services from the Help menu on Windows Computer and the Family Tree Maker 2019 menu on Mac, and then click on the Create Account link.
  3. In Family Tree Maker 2019, you can click on the TreeVault icon on the main toolbar or in the TreeVault Cloud Services panel under the Current Tree tab of the Plan workspace, and click Log In.

Now, you can enter your information into the empty fields. Fill all the fields. It is important to use the same email address you entered while buying the Family Tree Maker 2019. You can change it once you successfully create an account from TreeVault Account Manager.

Once you have successfully created the account, you must log in to the TreeVault account. Enter the email address you registered the account with and the password and then click on Log In.

Congratulations! Your TreeVault account is active, and you are ready to create a TreeVault Antenna Tree.

Use TreeVault Antenna tree

TreeVault starts with a private, secure TreeVault Antenna tree that is automatically updated on a regular basis,  with every change you make to your tree on Family Tree Maker 2019. You can upload your most complete tree/source tree to create a TreeVault Antenna tree.

Emergency Tree Restore Service

The TreeVault Antenna tree updates in real-time whenever you make a change to your source tree in FTM 2019. It also means you have an up-to-date copy of your family tree which you can restore in case of a PC crash.

You can also have the advantage of viewing your family tree at any time and at any place with the new FTM Connect app on your smartphone or tablet.

Family Tree Maker Connect

It is one of the best features of Family Tree Maker 2019. Once you create TreeVault Antenna Tree, you can use the Family Tree Maker Connect App on your handheld device like a smartphone or a tablet.

It is a free mobile app that displays ( you cannot make any changes on your tree using the Family Tree Maker Connect App)  your latest FTM tree anywhere, at any time even when your computer is turned off. You can show your tree to your family and friends on your smartphone or tablet when you go to a family reunion.

Next of Kin Certificate

With the Next of Kin Certificate, you can pass the ownership of your TreeVault account legally. You can include this certificate legally along with your will to a designated successor so that they may recover your family tree and preserve your legacy.

TreeVault Historical Weather

With TreeVault, you can also use one other feature of Historical Weather on your Family Tree Maker 2019. It helps to add detail to the descriptions of events to get a feel for what life was like for your ancestors. For example, it tells you if it was a freezing weather night when your grandfather was born.


If you want to upload an exact copy of your family tree then the TreeVault Cloud services are one of the best services for you. By using the TreeVault cloud services you can create an emergency family tree.

If you did not get your answer in this post then call the family tree maker support number. Dial +1-800-697-1474 and get the best solution to your issues.

You can do a family tree maker live chat with our best technician team. For your help, we give some FAQ Questions in this post that are helpful to you. So please read our FAQ Questions and get the result of your queries.

FAQ Questions: TreeVault Cloud Services

#Q1. How much does a tree vault cost?

Ans: If you want to use the full services of Tree Vault then you have to pay $79.95. The upgrading price is $59.95 and in the special offer, you just pay $49.95 for upgrading.

#Q2. How do you log into the tree vault?

Ans: If you are using Family Tree Maker 2019 then you just have to click on the TreeVault icon that is found in both the main toolbar and in the treevault cloud services. Then click on the login option.

#Q3. What is an Antenna tree in Family Tree Maker?

Ans: The Antenna Tree is an exact copy of your family tree.

#Q4. Which is better RootsMagic or Family Tree Maker?

Ans: Both are the best family tree maker software because every customer has their own choices and needs. But I have to tell you that if you want a family tree and work with your family members with the same tree then a Family Tree Maker is the best. And if you want to create a webpage from your findings then RootsMagic is a good one.

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