Making a Family Tree Online Using Lucid Chart

making a family tree

Making a Family Tree Using Lucid Chart

Lucid Chart is a very popular platform for making a family tree. By using Lucid Chart, you can create your family tree with beautiful drawings, diagrams, shapes, and charts. In this article, we will tell you making a family tree online using the lucid chart. Before starting more let’s understand some points:

What is Family Tree Maker

Family Tree Maker is a very popular software, which used to create a family tree. There are many versions of family tree maker in the market. Family Tree Maker 2019 and 2017 are the latest version of FTM.

Why Create a Family Tree?

Family plays an important role in everyone’s life. Time spent with the family is one of the most precious moments of our life. If you have a little bit of interest in your ancestry or family and want to preserve your beautiful moments then you must create a family tree.

Making a Family Tree is one of the best ways to preserve your family’s beautiful memories. With Lucid Chart, you can make your family tree in a better manner. Building a Family Tree can help you to understand where you come from. In this, lucid charts help you a lot.

There are many reasons why you make your own family trees:

  • Tells connection with your heritage: Family Tree tells your connection with your heritage.
  • With this, you trace genetics and family health concerns.
  • Learning your family history and your ancestors: If you want to learn more about your ancestor then the family tree helps you in this.
  • It is a good option to create your children’s interest in your ancestors so they will want to learn about ancestors and preserve family stories.
  • Making a family tree can be fun! Making a tree becomes a funny moment when you get some interesting facts about your family.

How To Draw a Family Tree

Making a family tree can be as simple or hard. It all depends on you how you build your family tree. You can easily create a simple tree including your grandfather-grandmother or your father-mother. If you want to include some more information about your ancestors then it could be complicated. You also include your, cousins and siblings, in your tree. It all depends, how far you want to go.

How to Make a Family Tree Online Using Lucid Chart

If you want to make a family tree online then you can do this. By using the lucid chart, you can easily make a family tree online. We will tell you how to start building a family tree online. Here we give some points by following these points you can easily create your family tree.

Gather Information

The first thing that you have to do to create your family tree is information. Gathering information is a very necessary part of building a family tree. Without information, you can’t make your family tree properly. Therefore, the first step to build a family tree is gathering information. In information, you can gather the date of birth, name, and region.

Start From Scratch or Family Tree Templates

You can customize your family tree by dragging shapes onto the canvas for your family members. Just click on the shapes and fill in the information regarding your family members.

Using Lines to Show the Connections Between Members

As we tell you before that family tree maker shows the connection of your family members. So use lines and text to show members connections between other members. You can use different colors and shapes to show the connections.

Connect With Family Members

Fill in the historical gaps and be sure that every member in your tree connected correctly. For this, you can check the connection between the members to other members.

Present And Share Your Family Tree

Once you create your family tree share and present your family tree to others. You can share your tree via email or you can publish a link. Sharing your tree you can also give feedback to your tree that it builds correctly or not.

Need Support or Help

In this post, you learnt making a family tree by using the lucid chart. If you want any need or support then you can call the family tree maker to support number +1-800-631-1357. Now you can also call us at our new toll-free number +1-877-478-4954. It has 24/7 customer support service so that you can call them anytime.

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