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Legacy Family Tree – Why Choose Legacy Family Tree

legacy family tree
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Legacy Family Tree Overview

If you are a genealogy lover then you must love a legacy family tree. In this post, we’ll tell you about complete details about the legacy family tree. So if you want to know more about this wonderful genealogy program then read this post.

The legacy tree brings a huge amount of reports and it is a very popular genealogy software. In a legacy tree, you can easily store your genealogy information. 

So here we bring a legacy family tree review so that you get a better understanding. If you decide to purchase Legacy 9 then you have to pay but if you want to use it for free then you have to download the basic version of the Legacy Tree.

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Using a legacy tree you can easily make your family tree free. You can also upgrade your free version to legacy 9.0 at a discount price. Here you will get two editions one is standard and the second is deluxe.

Legacy Family Tree Features

The features of the legacy family tree are given below, please check them.

  1. You can work in a group into a legacy tree.
  2. You can drag the entire lines when two files are open.
  3. In the legacy tree, you will get multimedia support including pictures, sound, clips, and for video.
  4. The Legacy tree supports GEDCOM files.
  5. You can search person from an online database.
  6. With this, you will get search and replace, spell check features, source documentation, and relationship features.

Languages Support

The Legacy family tree supports many languages. Languages that support the legacy tree are given below:

  1. English (Australian, Canadian, and UK)
  2. Danish
  3. Dutch
  4. French
  5. German
  6. Norwegian
  7. Swedish

Legacy Family Tree Versions

After its release date company released many versions. Versions of the legacy tree with their released date are given below, please check them.

Legacy Versions

Released Date

Legacy version 1.0

June 1997

Legacy version 2.0

October 1997

Legacy version 3.0

14 December 2000

Legacy version 3.0


Legacy version 4.0

14 March 2002

Legacy version 5.0

18 November  2003

Legacy version 6.0

9 August 2005

Legacy version 7.0

2 June 2008

Legacy version 8.0

26 November 2013

Legacy version 9.0

17 April 2017

These are the versions of the legacy family tree. that you can use.

Why Choose Legacy Tree?

Here we give some reasons why you choose the legacy tree.

Best Customer Support

It has the best customer support service. You can click on the help center when you open your legacy tree dashboard. There you will get all types of option that is very useful to you. The one drawback of the legacy tree is it does not offer phone support. If you need help then you can contact them via social media, email, or by generating a support ticket.

Many people already ask their questions on Facebook and they get their solution within 15 minutes. For generating a ticket click on the help center menu and then click on submit a support ticket.

Reasonably Priced Family Tree Maker

It has a reasonable price. You can compare legacy trees with RootsMagic and other genealogy software. But there is a problem in sync with the ancestry family tree. You can’t directly sync your legacy tree with ancestry.


This is why you have to choose a legacy tree. I hope this article is beneficial for you. If you still need any support or any query then you can call Family Tree Maker Support at any time. Our tech support team is always ready to help you 24/7. You can directly call our toll-free number at +1-800-697-1474.

You can also check the given FAQ section so that you can find out your questions and answers quickly. For more updates, you can also follow our Facebook page. There you can ask any questions regarding your problem.


#Q1: Is legacy family tree free?

Ans: Yes, you can download the legacy tree standard version for free.

#Q2: How much does legacy 9 cost?

Ans: Legacy 9 cost is $14.95.

#Q3: Is there a free version of family tree maker?

Ans: You can use Canva’s free family tree maker offer you free family tree maker.

#Q4: Is RootsMagic free?

Ans: Yes, RootsMagic is fast, easy, and free.

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