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We are Family Tree Maker Support, a team of the best technicians. Here we resolve all the issues regarding Genealogy software like Family Tree Maker and RootsMagicNow RootsMagic 8 is also available to use. You can use it free. We have an experience of 5+ years in Genealogy software support. If you need any help regarding your genealogy software like Family Tree Maker 2019 then you can call us anytime.


Family Tree Maker Support provides you three types of services which are chat support, call support, and Remote Support.

Chat Support

family tree maker chat support

If you have any issue regarding your genealogy software then you can take Family Tree Maker chat support service. In chat support service, our technicians give you the best support over the chat section. It is a free service, means that you don’t need to pay for chat support.

Call Support

family tree maker call support

Use call support if you are unable to understand in chat support or your problem is not shorted in chat service. You can directly call us at our support number and get the best solution.

Remote Support

family tree maker remote support

If the both first option is not good for you or you have a big issues or you are unable to tell us that what is the main problem then you can also go for the third option Remote support. In this service our technician take a remote access to your PC/laptop and fix the issues.

                               What Is Family Tree Maker

Family Tree Maker is a well known name in the Genealogy software. With the Family Tree Maker people create a family tree so that people save their family’s memories in the Tree. Family Tree Maker used by a lot of people in USA. In a family tree you can keep the records of your ancestors and save them for the future.  You can save your grandfather-grandmother, father-mother name their age and birth place in the family tree. 

In Family Tree Maker, you can get a lot of free printable family tree templates. These templates are very easy to use and with these templates you can easily make a family tree within a few minutes.

Family Tree Maker 2019

Family Tree Maker 2019 is the latest version of the Family Tree Maker. It has some new features that makes it more popular and famous. If you want to know more about the family tree maker 2019 then you can call us at family tree maker support phone numberOur technicians give you the best solution regarding to your problem in single call.

Key Features Of Family Tree Maker

Here we describe some key features of the family tree maker, please check:

  1. Easy and quick building family tree 
  2. Easy Syncronization with the                                          
  3. Ancestry and FamilySearch Hints                                                                  
  4. View intrective maps and history timeline 

Why Choose Family Tree Maker Support

We have more than 5+years experience in Genealogy software support. Apart from this, we have the best technician team which solve your all problem in a single call.

Family Tree Maker Support has 24/7 customer support so that customers can call them anytime. Right now we have 99.99% happy and satisfied customers. You can also check our customers reviews on our site. If you want a live chat then you can also do family tree maker live chat with our best technician team. We also provide family tree maker support for Mac.

Minimum System Requirements


For Mac system requirements should be: OS X 10.10 or later, including MacOS Big Sur 11.0, Hard Disk min 900 MB,  2 GB of RAM (4 GB recommended), screen resolution 1280X1280.


For Windows the minimum system requirement should be: Windows 7 or later, including Windows 10, Hard Disk space min 900 MB, 2 GB of RAM 

(4 GB recommended), Screen resolution 1024X768.

FAQ On Family Tree Maker

Question: Can we download FTM software free?

Answer: No, you can’t download family tree maker software free but you can use its free trail version for 30 days. After that if you think it is the right genealogy software for you then you can purchase the premium version of FTM.

Question: From where you can get the support for the FTM software and why it is need?

Answer: If you are using the FTM software for building your family tree of your family and need any support. Then you can call the family tree maker support number, they provide the best solution regarding your FTM issues. If you ask why you use family tree maker support then we want to tell you that FTM is a software and there are some issues that the user can’t resolve by reading the blogs. That’s why family tree maker support is necessary for our customers.

Question: What is the latest version of the FTM software?

Answer: Family Tree Maker 2019 is the latest version of the family tree maker software. It has some new and latest features that makes it more popular and famous. If you want to known more about family tree maker 2019 then  you can check our blogs.

Question: How to choose the best genealogy software for yourself?

Answer: When we purchase something than we have some points that we have in mind. Here we tell you how to select the best genealogy software for yourself. The points that you keep in mind before purchasing any genealogy software for building your family tree is: Cost, Features, and Purpose. And for this, family tree maker support helps you a lot.

Question: From where we can purchase Family Tree Maker software?

Answer: You can purchase the family tree maker software from the Mackiev or any verified store. You can also call the family tree maker support phone number and ask them to purchase family tree maker software. (Read more)

Question: How to install FTM software on your PC or MAC?

Answer: The Basic requirements to install family tree Maker software on a Windows computer or Mac computer are given below.

The user has to have windows or Mac computer. Family Tree Maker cannot be installed on below mentioned devices.

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Chromebook
  • Tablet
  • Ubuntu OS

A user can view family tree maker 2019 if the user has internet on a smart device.

Steps to Install FTM on windows
  1. Installing using the downloadable link.
  2. Click on the link provided by MacKiev.

If a user using chrome browser, then they will get a clickable file downloaded left-hand side bottom corner in the of ftm2019.exe. As soon as you click on FTM2019.exe, it asks the user to click on run and then yes to make changes in windows. Following this step will result in installing Family Tree Maker software on windows devices. 

Question: How can I print whole family tree?

Answer: Do you ever wonder how you could print your online pedigree maker clearly to share a physical copy of your tree with your relatives, or perhaps to display a family tree poster on your wall?

There are many different services which allows you to “print my whole tree” A few of them are listed down below.  This article will tell you all you need to know before printing your family tree.

Printing From a Family tree Printing Service

You can create your own charts with the help of these services. These services will allow you to make family trees in a range of styles and price points. You can print it at home or get professional printer on high quality paper.

There is a wide variety in the level of customization when it comes to these print-at-home services. As a result, you should know what you want your final product to look like before you choose.

There are a few options listed down below:

Ancestry Graphics & Printing– A family owned-business in Illinois which specializes in printing customized or fill-in-the blank genealogy wall charts with five to 10 generations The site has sample charts images. It also includes an introductory video tutorial for submitting your tree for printing and free genealogy-themed screen saver.

Family Chartmasters- A Utah based company that allows you to create inexpensive working charts, with professionally designed decorative wall charts, personalized DNA displays and fill-in-the-blank charts.

Heartland Family Graphics- The sites creates charts from Renuion genealogy software. , it also provides instructions for the Family Tree Maker and MyHeritage Family Builder program. It allows wall charts to be print on acid-free paper with pigment inks. 

Question: How can I install family tree maker 2019?

Answer: For installation, your FTM 2019 you have to follow the given steps one by one.

  1. First, use your family tree maker CD or USB Drive to install the family tree maker and click the .exe file.
  2. When you click on the .exe file, the installation process will be run.
  3. After this, you will see the welcome screen, click on the Next button to continue.
  4. Select I accept the terms in the license agreement checkbox and click the Next button when you reviewing the license agreement.
  5. Then you will see the default location where family tree maker files located. You can change that location if you want. After that click the Next button.
  6. After that, you will see the install button, click on the Install button. Pedigree Maker Software will begin to install. You can see the installation progress on setup status.
  7. Once installation is completed click on the Finish button. Your family tree maker software is successfully installed.

Question: What is the process to uninstall the Genealogy software?

Answer: Sometimes when we face any issues in our pedigree maker then it can be resolved by uninstalling the software program and then reinstall it again. Here we tell you how can you uninstall your pedigree maker on your PC or MAC.

To uninstalling the family tree maker please follow the given steps:

  1. Close your genealogy program.
  2. After that, please press the window and R key together to open the run command window.
  3. Write appwiz.cpl in the run command window and click the Ok button or press the enter button.
  4. You will see the list of the installed programs on your PC or MAC.
  5. Click on the family tree maker and click uninstall.
  6. user account control warning pop-up dialogue box will appear.
  7. Click on the Yes.
  8. After clicking the Yes button your program will be uninstalled. (Read more)

Question: What are the best pedigree maker softwares?

Answer: Are you looking for the best pedigree maker software in 2021? Here we bring some tested family tree makers so that you can easily pick up the best genealogy software for you.

In this post, we write a brief description of the best pedigree maker as per your need. The best pedigree makers allow you to map your familial relations, so you’ve got a transparent overview of your history and genealogy.

These smart software features make it easy to put photos, birthdates, and other important historical items in your tree contour so that you can look and trace your lineage.

If you’re already conversant in genealogy sites, there’s an honest chance that you’ve heard of GEDCOM files. These are literally just plain text files containing information on your case history. However, they play an important role when you’re transferring data between genealogy websites and genealogy software, as they contain all of the important information you would like to save lots of.

The best family tree makers can easily import and convert these files, but once we tested out these programs we found that some were better than others at this process. We rated so highly in our tests because it can easily handle these files, allowing you to upload or download GEDCOM formats. It also features a slightly more modern interface than its competitors and that we liked that it works seamlessly with the web genealogy platform as an entire.

As such, albeit you’ll use the program to collect data and print family trees, you would possibly be happier using one of the simplest photo book services for printing purposes. With these more creative companies, you will present your case history more attractively, and also have something tangible to share with your family when your research is complete. (Read the full article)

Question: What are the best genealogy websites for the beginners?

Answer: If you’re just beginning to research your case historyyou would like an inquiry strategy. There are numerous places to travel for online genealogy records and websites to find out about your heritageYou would like resources you’ll find online that are the foremost current, richest with ancestral information, and therefore the easiest to use. So we have the 25 best genealogy websites for beginners in 2021.

Don’t worry—you don’t need all 25 of them! We’ve broken them down into several categories, you’ll only get to pick one. For instanceto start with, choose only one family tree-building website and DNA testing company. Choose from your online learning possibilities, the regional and ethnic resources, and the newspaper and tombstone records, what you find most interesting or relevant. (Read more)

Question: What are the best tips for using family tree maker?

Answer: Family tree maker has made a good name in genealogy software. Now family tree maker 2019 is the latest and the most popular genealogy software. Indeed, our very first issue—January 2000—included a piece of writing on using Pedigree Maker 6.0. But when announced that it had discontinued the software in 2015, it was left for dead by some genealogists.

However, since Software MacKiev was bought the program has undergone a renaissance. Pedigree Maker 2017 was the primary to permit for syncing between it and genealogy on And subsequent updates have incorporated even more functionality while maintaining equivalent features that attracted genealogists within the first place.

To help you create the foremost of the program, we’ve put together these 12 tips for using Genealogy software. The tips and screenshots during this article reflect Family Tree Maker 2019 (the most up-to-date version at the time of writing), but much of the recommendation also will apply to earlier iterations of the software.

1. Import Your Genealogy With Genealogy Software

Online Tree or Genealogy Software? Deciding Where to stay Your Data. If you’ve already built a digital family treeyou’ll save valuable research time by importing it into Pedigree MakerYou will upload a GEDCOM file (under Plan>New Tree) or you will download an tree and FamilySearch. You will download an Existing Tree tree. (Just confirm the info imports correctly!) Don’t worry if you’re new family-tree-building or want to start out fresh—you also can create a replacement tree manually, adding one person at a time.

2. Change Your Date Preferences

With a Pedigree maker, you can consistently across your tree. You can easily change your date preferences for viewing your free tree. To vary how dates are formatted, select Tools from the dropdown menu, then choose Options. Choose names, dates, and places, and formats for both display and input formats from this window (for example, the “Day Month”). (Mac users – choose Preferences, then Dates/Names/Locations.)

3. Add Life Events

Build Your family pedigree with Genealogy software
You can select preformatted key life events (“facts”) to feature to an individual in your genealogy. While within the Tree window, select an individual and click on Customize View. You will add certain facts from there (baptism, birth, burial, etc.) as common facts, too (marriage license, divorce, etc.) You will also add a personalized fact and specify which fields you want for their entry (such as date or place).

4. Cash In On Descriptions

Each fact contains a description field, where you can add more information that does not fit well anywhere else. You can go to the Person view, and select a fact if you don’t see a contoured field. Choose Fact Properties under Options. The Fact Elements then confirm the description. (Read more)

Family Tree Maker 2019 Review

Family Tree Maker 2019, one of the best genealogy software all over the world. It was released on 29 Sep 2019, as in its 30th-anniversary edition. Many people used the family tree maker for over 20 years since it released. The first version of ftm is version 4.0. It is a very important or special software for those people who love their family and want to store their family’s beautiful memories. So we decided to write this topic Family Tree Maker 2019 review. In this post, you will get detailed information about the family tree maker 2019 review.

Family Tree Maker software has seen many changes and improvements since it released. In this post, we will tell you all about related to FTM like its price, its services, and why people choose this software rather than other genealogy software.

Question: What are the features of Family Tree Maker 2019?

Ans: Family Tree Maker 2019 Key Features. So let starts with these amazing genealogy software features, which are given below:


If I talk about the price of the family tree maker then the full price of this software is $79.95. If you want to upgrade this then you have to pay only $59.95. You can upgrade this right now with $49.95 which is a special offer. If you do a pre-order for this software then you have to a special discount on that order.

TreeVault Cloud Services

As its name, it is a cloud service offered in family tree maker 2019. With this service ftm users also get some more features. If you do a pre-order then you will get these features free but if you want to purchase this then you have to pay $20. Features are given below:

Emergency Tree restores service

With this service, you can restore your family tree at any time. If your computer hard drive crashed or some other issues you can’t open your family tree.

FTM Connect

It is a free mobile app application for iPad, iPhone, and future coming android. With FTM connect you can easily see your latest family tree anywhere, any time. The most important point of FTM connect is you can see your family tree even your PC is off.

Historical Weather

It is also a nice option with pedigree maker 2019. With this option, you can check a billion historical weather records and use them in your pedigree maker. You will never bored again with dates.

Also read: 25 Best Genealogy Website for Beginners in 2021

Next of Kin

Next of Kin provides you the feature to assign a successor to your family tree. This means if due to some reason you can’t handle your tree or if you want to give control of your family tree to another person. Then you can easily do this with this feature. With this, you will get a certificate that may like your bill. In this bill, you get the license of your family tree.

FTM Connect has been changed to FTM Connect. You can also get this for free in the Apple App Store.

Historical Weather, you can access this from the TreeVault button in the main toolbar. It works by entering the date and the place and the rest work is done by this. Historical weather checks both and show the result according to the query. (Read more)

Disclaimer: is an online technician service. It does not have any relationship with MacKiev or with any brand. It has technician service for FTM users for a fee. Any use of third-party trademarks, brand names, Product and Services is only for referential purpose. hereby denies any sponsorship, affiliation, or endorsement of or by any third parties. If your product is under warranty, the support service may be available for free from manufacturer.

You must always visit their respective website to get free service. You can also request our customer service to provide you contact information of any brand in case you would want to reach them.

This is all for now in this section. Stay tuned for more information about the pedigree maker software. Please call our family tree maker support phone number so you can get instant help.

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