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Last updated on January 20th, 2024 at 05:23 am

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Discover Your Family Story With Most Popular Genealogy Software

Family Tree Maker For Windows And Mac

Family Tree Maker 2019 is the latest version of the Family Tree Maker. It has some new features that make it more popular and famous. If you want to know more about the FTM 2019 upgrade then you can call us at the FTM 2019 upgrade number. Our technicians give you the best solution regarding to your problem in a single call.

For getting instant support or help, dial +1-800-697-1474. This is our toll-free number so feel free to call us. Get Quick support using

If you need free support then choose the family tree maker live chat option. It is free of cost. By using live chat you can directly chat with our tech support team member.

Know More About Your Family

Start building your family tree and know where are they coming from.

Making a family tree is one of the best way to know more about your ancestors or family history.

Start making your family tree now  and check what you discover about your ancestors.

What’s New in FTM 2019

Since FTM 2019 has been released, developers continuously try to make it better. Whenever a new version of any software is released it means there are some new features added. This is same as in the condition of Family Tree Builder software.

Developers add some new features in family tree creator software and released its new and latest version. FTM 2019 comes with some new and amazing features that are given below.

Hint in the Index

Profile Picture Perfection

This feature provideshint in the index more than 6 billion online historical records that are helpful to search your ancestors. This is a new source of records for family tree builder users.

profile picture perfectionThis is a new tool included in FTM 2019. This tool helps in profile picture cropping and gives you the best profile picture perfection. This feature has smart technology that detects the person’s face and zooms in right amount.

Turn Back Time

TreeVault Cloud Services

turn back timeThis feature is for that time when you do something wrong in your family tree. With this feature you can get back the changes that you made. This feature provides you the undo facility up to 1000 times. Means if you do 1000 changes by mistake then with this feature you can revert them.

treevault cloud servicesWith tree vault cloud services the family tree maker comes beyond the thoughts. TreeVault cloud services provide you the facility to check the real time changes in your family tree. You can check your family tree through your smartphones or tablet.

AlbumWalk Media Player

albumwalk media playerThis feature change the old photo albums into new way. With the feature, you can see the interactive talking photos with SoundSpot.  It is just like a mini documentary in which you can record every person sound with the photos.

Top Features of Family Tree Maker Software

Rich Color Coding

Photo Darkroom

rich color codingThis feature is adding in the request of genealogist who are using FTM 2017. In this feature, now you can assign a different color coding for the descendants not only on the home page but each ancestor’s descendants.

family tree maker photo darkroom featureThis is a simple editing tool that helps you to make your old photos as new. Using the photo darkroom feature, you can make your old or faded photos as they are clicked in the present time.

Charts and Reports

Ease Media Organization

charts and reports in family tree maker 2019Sharing your discoveries with a variety of colourful family tree charts such as descendant and pedigree is a good idea. Family Tree builder helps you in this. In FTM software, you will get beautiful and attractive charts and reports. You can also make a report for anniversary, birthday, contact list, and more.

easy media organizationIn FTM software you can easily organized your media like photos, historical records, audio and video files easily. You can directly scan your photo from your family tree. Apart from this, you can also create a slideshows.

Ancestors on Map

Companion Guide

ancestor on map in family tree makerIn FTM 2019, you can easily access interactive street and satellite maps to view important places. You can easily indicate your ancestors on map which helps you to track your family’s migration paths.

family tree maker companion guide Companion guide is just like a guide for family tree maker software. In a companion guide, you will get 15 chapters in which all things are described regarding family tree builder software. You can also download and check your companion guide status.

Important Links Regarding Family Tree Maker Software And Ancestry

Minimum System Requirements



For Mac system requirements should be: OS X 10.10 or later, including MacOS Big Sur 11.0, Hard Disk min 900 MB, 2 GB of RAM (4 GB recommended), screen resolution 1280X1280.



For Windows the minimum system requirement should be: Windows 7 or later, including Windows 10, Hard Disk space min 900 MB, 2 GB of RAM (4 GB recommended), Screen resolution 1024X768.

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This is all for now in this section. Stay tuned for more information about the pedigree maker software. Please call our family tree maker help center so you can get instant help.