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Welcome to Family Tree Maker support website. If you are family tree maker software user, then you may look for family tree maker since a software may give you trouble while you are using this genealogy software.


Family Tree Maker overview.

Family Tree Maker software is a tool which helps genealogist to keep their research at one place organised and help them to create book, reports etc. FTM software is one of the well-known software within genealogist community.

Versions of Family Tree Maker

FTM has many other version but Family Tree Maker 2017 and Family Tree maker 2019 are newest So please do not use an older version of FTM.

Family Tree Maker 2019 Review

Family Tree Maker has seen immense changes over the past years now and has recently celebrated its 30th-anniversary new version. The new edition was released on September 29th, 2019. The family tree Maker has gone through a lot of improvements since it has been first launched.

FTM came across some disappointments and everyone thought that the release MacKiev had made was a major loss. But this was not true at all as it is proved after FTM 2019 released with its most unique features which came along with a big 30th-anniversary celebration. Not just this, Family Tree Maker 2019 has better feature and it is easy to navigate.

Features Include in TreeVault Cloud services:

The Surprising Cost;

It will cost you $79.97. You can buy it from MacKiev . so you can see it is not costly at all.

The restore service at emergency tree;

Treevault is a good feature that MacKiev has introduced with FTM19. If a devices crashes then a user can restore their tree using this service.

FTM19 tree with it Ancestry and the FamilySearch can all be synced but the TreeVault is much more advanced for your FTM data.

The free mobile app for your FTM Connect

You can use your tree on your mobile device through the FTM Connect app that is totally free. you can use it on a mobile phones that have the display. It can be used anytime and anywhere, you can even use it when you have turned the computer off. This enables you to share your tree with your friends and relatives too.

The weather report, Historical Weather the topmost search engine;

This helps to add multiple colours to your family stories with all the historical weather records available.

Then is ‘Next of Kin’ which you can’t forget;

Now you can add your successor to your TreeVault account and then you can take a walk through each of your family tree. You will also receive a certificate that can also come along with a will, which has all the details about your passcodes of how you should handle your TreeVault account together with your FTM license.

The new Tree Browser tool FTM 2019:

  • It has the richest Color Coding which has enhanced more to the color-coding feature of the FTM 2017. You can add more colors to ancestros so use color coding
  • The Tree Browser; enables you to view all of your FTM trees.
  • Now the Profile Picture Cropping tool helps to choose the picture, zoom in and then crop as you would like.
  • Then there are the folder counters; here you will find the items on a person’s notes, media, etc.
  • The smart filters which have been enhanced from FTM 2017 filtered list feature.
  • You now have the Hints in the Index, which will help you to search if there are any Ancestry or FamilySearch hints for each person available.
  • FamilySearch Integration 2.0 that helps to improve it and then the last is the Roll Back Changes features it helps you to roll back multiple changes all at the same time.

Family Tree Maker frequently Asked Questions:-

How Do I Compare “Trees” In Family Tree Maker?

You want to know and understand how to compare ‘Trees’ in FTM. But you do not know how to do so? You are at right place, you will learn how to compare your tree.

are you concern, if you update the Family tree maker tree then will the updates help to separate the FTM’s tree or not? You have this query because you have started your Family Tree Maker using the GEDCOM files which are of one of the family members. However, you were unable to update the tree successfully.

Therefore you would like to update your tree including the additions of my tree member made for the tree. But you do not want that your tree is replaced, right !as you have data added. So now instead of comparing the trees, person to person, and also adding the additions manually. You want to learn alternative way to compare your tree. And select the items that are required to be added like, merging only the additions right? Your solutions if provided below have a look and follow along.

The following are the steps to concerning to the comparing of ‘Trees’ in FTM:

  • To begin with, you need to know that a ‘Tree’ is Online and a file is on your computer. Therefore if you are not sure about what your situation is. Then to our understanding, you would like to know about ‘How to compare TWO Trees or more Family Tree Maker files’ this is only rephrasing the concerned query.
  • The answer to your query is NO. However, you can definitely open two files at the same time as now there is a new file opened in the ‘New Windows’ section. This procedure is all only manual.

Try out the ‘Merge only the Additions’ feature in FTM:

  • The ‘Merge only the Additions’ helps to merge one profile at a time.
  • You also have the option to create a List in your FTM 2019 software.
  • After doing so you just need to merge the List from the ‘Other File’ option right into your ‘Master’ file.
  • You got to enter the data manually from the ‘Other File’ into your ‘Master File > Citations > All’
  • This way you can easily get done what you want to with comparing trees.

After reading this blog. You should be good to go with your Family Tree Maker to compare your tree. As we have relevant information in this blog for you. It should help you get over with your related concern. Nevertheless, if you still need more information or you have some other problems encountered with FTM. Then you can always get in touch with the Family Tree Maker Number. Thereafter the technicians will provide you with the topmost solutions and guidance.

How to handle Census Records in FTM – Extra People in Household?

Do you want to learn about how the ‘Census Records’ and the ‘extra people that are added in the household in your Family Tree Maker? Then you will surely do so. You’ve just got to read along and follow accordingly.

Follow the instructions below to know about the Census Records in Family Tree Maker

  • The first thing you can do is when you enter a Census Record, you can choose to ‘Copy’ only what ‘Ancestry’ provides you in the ‘Transcription’, and then you need to ‘Paste’ it right into the ‘Residence Fact Notes’ section.
  • Find an image below as an example.
Family Tree Maker - Extra People In Household
  • Have you noticed that there are two ‘Extra’ people on the list marked in ‘Bold’? That is an indication that you have entered them into your database as ‘Unrelated People’
  • Therefore the ‘Data Error Report’ will show as they have ‘No Spouse, No Children, and No Parents. You can still manage to handle that.
  • But what if you find that same particular person again in another record and you would like to see it in the ‘Census Record’ and not as related to the ‘head of Household’
  • You can go to create a ‘Fact called ‘How related’ where you can enter the ‘Census Year, Head of Household, as well as what the relationship is.
  • Below is an example of how Donald looks like, attach with the ‘Data Error Report’ and the ‘How Related Facts’ appear;
Family Tree maker census
Family Tree maker census
  • The person in the above image is unrelated and therefore will appear in the ‘Data Error Report’ but you can choose to run that report and filter ‘Out’ everyone what has a ‘Data Error Report Fact; this means that you are aware of that error.

Example of having extra people in your Household – Census Records:

  • What if you found one person ‘Relation to Head of Household as Border’ would you feel like a throwaway? You do not need to feel so, not anymore;

As it appears that the Head of House would become Donald’s Mother in Law. You will find that she is 1900, 1920, 1930 and 1940 Census. See the image provided below;

Example Of Having Extra People In Your Household – Census Records:
Example Of Having Extra People In Your Household – Census Records:
  • You will see that in 1900 she is the Head of Household where you found the person as a boarder. Whereas 1920, 1930, and 1940, she is the mother in law to the Head of Household. (seeing this you should not jump into conclusion at all)
  • Those are the provided ‘residence facts’ as recorded. Now have a look at ‘How Related Facts’ appear;
How Related Facts’ appear
How Related Facts’ appear

Now you will see that in the 1940 Census record she has been moved into another ‘Daughter’s’ home. This happened because 1940 has the reference to 1935. And this is showing the same house, so now you can choose to pin-out as to when she moved to Daughter’s house to another, and in another state.

How to Resolve the Performance Issues in FTM 2017 for Windows?

Are you facing performance issues in your Family Tree Maker 2017 on Windows? Therefore you are searching for proper guidance and solutions to get the same resolved effectively? Well, then now that you have reached this blog you will be able to do so in a few minutes only.

Step1- Ensure to meet the system requirements for Family Tree maker 2017:

  • Now in case, your computer does not meet the minimum system requirements for Family Tree Maker, then the program will not work properly. And having a faster processor, more RAM, and more disk space will help to enhance the performance.

The following are some of the requirements that should be check when facing Family Tree Maker performance issues:

Operating System – Microsoft Windows 7 and the later (should be 32 or 64 bit)

Hard Disk – 900 MB for installation

Memory – 2 GB minimum (4 GB recommended

Display – 1024 x 768 resolutions

Step2- File should be compact:

  • The Family Tree Maker’s Compact File will help to re-index the file, remove unnecessary data, and also helps to optimize the performance of FTM. You can find the instructions for this process by clicking here.

Step3- Merging duplicate individuals or source citations:

  • You should choose to merge duplicate or individuals or source citations as this helps to reduce the size of your file and your file is made resourceful.
  • Now you can choose to give a Click here for further instructions on how to merge duplicate individuals.
  • And if you need any information regarding merging duplicate source citations, you can get it all at find here.

Step4- Working Offline:

  • Here if you choose to disable the Internet connections in FTM temporarily, then you will surely speed up the performance, doing this action especially helps when you have a large number of files. To do so, you’ve got to follow the given steps below:
  • Make sure you have FTM open; go to click on the ‘File’ menu and then select the ‘Go Offline’ option.
Performance issue in Family Tree Maker offline
Family tree maker offline
  • Now if you see that the ‘Go Online’ option is displayed, then this indicates that FTM is set to be Offline.

However, if you do not want to disable the Internet access completely, then you will require turning off FTM Automatic Ancestry and FamilySearch hint features as well.  The following are the steps to get this process done;

  • Go to click on the ‘Tools’ menu and select the ‘Options’ tab.
  • After that, in the window that appears, you got to uncheck the boxes for ‘Show hints from Ancestry and Show hints from FamilySearch’ and then give a click on OK.

Step5- Go to disable the Fast-fields:

By doing this action, it will help to increase speed. To do so follow the provided steps;

  • You must click on the ‘tools’ menu and then select ‘Options’
  • Next, right in the displayed window, go to uncheck all the checkboxes that are under the ‘Use Fast-fields’ section and then click on the OK button.

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Note: we are not software manufacturers. we are an independent company who support genealogy software. (FTM, RootsMagic and other software)


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