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Is There Any Family Tree Maker 2021?

family tree maker 2021
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Family Tree Maker 2021

For some time, there are a lot of searches on family tree maker 2021. People want to know that is there any family tree maker 2021 as the latest version of family tree maker software. As we know that Family tree maker is one of the best genealogy software all around the world that’s why people use this software a lot. People use its different versions like family tree maker 2017, family tree maker 2019, and now people are searching for its next version like FTM 2021. That’s why we wrote this article so that people can get a well understanding of it.

In this post, we will tell you about family tree maker software and frequently asked questions regarding family tree builder 2021. Family Tree Maker FAQ helps you to find your question answer. 

What Is A Family Tree?

A family tree maker is a genealogy software that is used to make a family tree. It is the best way to store your family’s memorable moments digitally. If anyone did not know what is a family tree then a family tree is a graphical representation of family relationships.

In a family tree, you will show your family tree chart with different designs. You can also print your family tree and put that on your home’s wall. This software has many versions if you want to check the versions then read family tree maker versions.

Is There Any Family Tree Maker 2021?

We want to tell you that till now company did not announce anything about family tree creator 2021. Family Tree Maker 2019 is still being used in the year 2023 and it is the latest version of Family Tree Maker now.

The company released FTM 2019 new update 24.2 for free to all FTM 2019 users. If the company released FTM 2021 then you will be notified if you already use Pedigree maker software. You can also subscribe to us for getting the latest notifications.

Need Support Or Help

If you are using any genealogy program like Family Tree Maker, RootsMagic, and Ancestry or need any help like installing a family tree maker, sync problems or forgetting your password, and sharing a family tree then you can get family tree maker support anytime. If you want free support then choose family tree maker live chat and get free support.

FAQ Questions

#Q1. When will be family tree maker 2021 released?

Ans: Till now, the company did not announce anything about FTM 2021 but maybe the company will release it in the next year.

#Q2. What are the system requirements for family tree maker 2021?

Ans: System requirements for pedigree maker 2021 are given below:
For Windows, system requirements are Windows 7 or its later versions and the hard disk should be a minimum of 900 MB with 2GB RAM.
For Mac, system requirements should be OS X10.10 including MacOS Big Sur 11.0. The hard Disk should be a minimum of 900 MB with 2GB RAM. Screen resolutions for Windows and Mac are 1024 X 768 and 1280 X 1280.

#Q3. What is the price of FTM 2021?

Ans: Although the company did not tell anything about the price of FTM 2021 if they launched then it would be about $79.95 to $80.45.

#Q4. Is FTM 2021 synced with ancestry?

Ans: As we know the FTM easily syncs with the ancestry so we can say that yes, FTM 2021 will be synced with ancestry easily.

4 thoughts on “Is There Any Family Tree Maker 2021?”

  1. I ordered your Family Tree Maker (latest version) several weeks ago and still have not received my backup. Can you explain my status for Family Tree Maker 2022?

  2. My old computer crashed. After purchasing a new one, and getting FTM re-installed on the new computer, I am not able to do anything with it. If I try to edit, it immediately closes. It will not link to Ancestry anymore. What am I doing wrong? We tried to chat with online help, However, their answer is the engineers are working on it! That is not accpetable after two months, we still have not heard anything. Right now, I am not even able to open my FTM program, where I have several thousand files!

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