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Genealogy: Checking Your Family History Using 5 Genealogy Sites

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Genealogy: Tracing Your Family Tree

Genealogy is the study of family lineages and histories. It involves researching ancestral connections to create a family tree, tracing your ancestry as far back in time as records allow.

It has become an extremely popular hobby with the advent of online databases and DNA testing services.

Here, we will explain to you all about genealogy like what it is, how to search for your ancestors, and the best websites for searching your family history.

So, let’s start with the definition or you can say the introduction.

Definition of Genealogy

Genealogy is defined as the study of familial ancestry through the documentation of birth, marriage, and death records. Genealogists utilize historical records, genetic analysis, oral interviews, and other resources to construct detailed family histories and discover the origins of surnames along paternal and maternal bloodlines.

The ultimate goal is to trace lineage as far back in time as available records permit.

GenealogyBank for Ancestry Research

GenealogyBank is one of the largest online archives for ancestors’ records in the United States. It contains over 7,000 newspapers, government documents, obituaries, and other historical publications to aid ancestry research.

Researchers can search billions of names and uncover vital details like birth announcements, marriage licenses, immigration papers, and death notices. GenealogyBank is continually expanding its digitized records.

Top 5 Websites For Searching Family History

There are so many different websites for searching your family history research. Some of them we give here. Please check them and choose the best one for your ancestors’ research.

The website that gets first place in our list is the most popular site i.e. It has the largest online collection of genealogical data including census/voter lists, birth/death indexes, immigration docs, and more.

The second-best ancestor history research site is and it is free to use. It is run by the LDS church with access to ancestry records from over 100 countries.


Database of over 14 billion historical records plus DNA matching services.


Billions of international lineage records including parish archives and newspaper pages.


Focuses on U.S. military records like draft cards, pension files, and soldier photos.

American Ancestors is specialized as a New England ancestry research site.

Whether you are beginning your ancestry research or have been building your family tree for years, online genealogy services provide more convenient access than ever before to records from around the world.

With the right family history tools, you may be able to trace your family origins back hundreds of years.


In conclusion, Genealogy is the study of learning more about your ancestors. It makes your family history research easy and helps you to know more about your family history.

If you need any kind of help in searching for your ancestors, then don’t forget to call us. Our toll-free number is +1-800-697-1474.

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