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Download & Install Free Genealogy Research Software – Gramps


Last updated on May 4th, 2023 at 06:36 am

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Free Genealogy Software – Gramps

Gramps is free genealogy software that is free to use. You can download it for free. If you want to know all about the Gramps then read this post until the endIt extends to Genealogical Research and Analysis Management Programming Systems.

In this post, we will talk about Gramps’ features, file format, and release date. So, if you want free genealogy software, then you can use it.

It is open-source software that genealogists create for the genealogy. This software works on common-based peer production.

Released Date of Gramps

This free genealogy software was started in the year 2001. It took three years to complete. Till its launch date company released many versions. Here, we give a list of its performance with the release date. Please have a look.

Gramps Versions

Please check all the versions of the free genealogy research software Gramps. The starting version of this software is version 1.0.0, and the latest version is 5.1.5.

Gramps Software Versions

Released Date

Version 1.0.0

11th February 2004

Version 2.0.0

11th May 2005

Version 2.2.1

30th October 2006

Version 3.0.0

24th March 2008

Version 3.2.0

15th April 2010

Version 3.4.0

21st  May 2012

Version 4.0.0

21st  May 2013

Version 4.1.0

18th April 2014

Version 4.2.0

3rd August 2015

Version 5.0.0

24th July 2018

Version 5.1.0

21st August 2019

Version 5.1.3

13th August 2020

Version 5.1.4

27th  July 2021

Version 5.1.5

6th February 2022

Supported File format

The extension of this software is .gramps. This software supports the given file format: Gramps XML, portable gramps XML, GEDCOM, GeneWeb’s GW format, web family tree (.WFT), and CSV format.

How To Use Gramps?

Every person has their own story, and this fantastic free genealogy software focuses on your research. It helps you to find out about your ancestors, ancestors’ places, geography, relationships, and much more. Even you can easily make your pedigree charts also.

You can keep your family media and notes. Here we will tell you how to work on Gramps.

First, you need to download Gramps to use this wonderful genealogy software. Here we tell you how to download and install Gramps.

Steps To Download And Install Gramps

Click here to download it. When your download is completed, go to the download location and double-click on the download file to run the installer.

As you run the installer, an installer wizard will open, and click on the Next button. Then click on I agree on the button. After this, it will show you two options, the first is installed for anyone using this computer, and the second is installed just for me. You can choose any one option according to you.

After choosing the option, click on the Next button. Again click on the next button. Now it will ask you the location for installing the software. You can change it or remain it as the default location. Finally, click on the install button to install it.

Click on the next button when the installation is completed, and then click on the Finish button. You can uncheck the check box if you don’t want to run the software at the current time.

You can easily download and install the free genealogy software Gramps by following the given steps.

How To Make A Family Tree On Gramps?

When you install this software and run it on your system, it will show you its own window, which is given below.

gramps dashboard

In this window, you will see the dashboard, people, relationships, family, and much more options. For example, you can start your family tree by clicking the family trees menu.

Click on family trees and choose the manage family trees option. It will show you a new window. Click on the new button given on the right side. It will ask you for the tree’s name.

Enter the tree name and click on Create a Tree. Your family tree will be created. You can also change the name of a tree if you write the wrong name by mistake or delete that tree.

If you already have a tree on another source, you can directly upload that here. For searching people go to the people tab and enter the people details and click on the find record button.

This is how you can make your family tree on Gramps. In the same manner, you will add the relationships.


This is all for the free and best genealogy software, Gramps. If you need any help or queries, call +1-800-697-1474 and get the best support. This is our toll-free number, so feel free to contact us anytime.

Use our live chat support to connect with our tech support team.

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