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Discover Your Ancestors With Family Tree Maker 2014

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Family Tree Maker is one of the popular genealogy software that helps you research, organize, and share your family history. The 2014 version of Family Tree Maker comes packed with new features to make family history research even easier. In this article, we’ll look at what Family Tree Maker 2014 is, its key features, and how to download and install it on Windows and Mac.

So, if you want to download FTM 2014 for your Windows or Mac then you can go with this article.

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What is Family Tree Maker 2014?

Family Tree Maker was developed by Software MacKiev and was first released in 1989. It is one of the leading and most widely used genealogy software programs available today. The 2014 release saw major improvements and changes to make Family Tree Maker more user-friendly and powerful.

What You Get In Family Tree Maker 2014?

Some of the key things you can do with Family Tree Maker 2014 include:

  • Build your family tree by adding ancestors, descendants, spouses, and more.
  • Import/export GEDCOM files to share data with others.
  • Attach photos, documents, and multimedia to individuals.
  • Record life events and family memories with custom facts.
  • Use historical records and hints to further your research.
  • Create and share charts, reports, and books to showcase your family tree.
  • Sync data across devices using the Family Tree Maker sync service

Overall, Family Tree Maker aims to provide an easy way for anyone to preserve their family history in one place and share it with future generations.

Key Features of FTM 2014

Here are some of the biggest improvements and new features in Family Tree Maker 2014:


Sync your family tree data across Windows and Mac and access it on the go using the mobile app. This keeps your research up to date on all devices.

Record Hints

Historical records and hints from are directly incorporated to help you further your research and find new family connections.

Interactive Tree

The interactive tree view lets you easily navigate through your ancestors, interact with facts and memories, and adds convenience in managing your tree.


Integrated geocode support and mapping allow you to view ancestors’ locations and events on Google Maps directly within Family Tree Maker.

Enhanced Charts and Reports

New chart and report templates and improvements in customization help you showcase your family history in more ways.

Photos and Stories

You can now easily attach photos, videos, audio clips, documents, and notes to individuals in your tree to enrich your family history.

How To Download Family Tree Maker 2014?

Family Tree Maker 2014 is available for both Windows and Mac platforms. Here is how you can download and install it on your computer:

Download FTM 2014 For Windows

Here we give some simple points on how to download FTM 2014 on your Windows computer.

1. Go to the Family Tree Maker website and click the ‘Buy Now’ button to purchase the Windows download version.

2. Check your email for the download link and download the setup file.

3. Once downloaded, run the `.exe` file and follow the on-screen instructions to install Family Tree Maker.

4. When prompted, enter your registered email and serial number to activate the software.

This is how you can easily download FTM 2014 for your Windows computer.

Download FTM 2014 For Mac System

Check the given simple steps to download Family Tree Maker 2014 for the Mac system.

1. Go to the Family Tree Maker website and click the ‘Buy Now’ button to purchase the Mac download version.

2. Check your email for the download link. Download and unzip the `.zip` file.

3. Open the unzipped folder and launch the Family Tree Maker installer package.

4. Follow the onscreen instructions to install Family Tree Maker.

5. Enter your registered email and serial number to activate when prompted.

And that’s it! Family Tree Maker 2014 will now be installed and ready to help you discover your family history.

Install Family Tree Maker 2014

To install FTM 2014 on your Windows or Mac computer, first go to the location where the download setup is. Double-click on the setup link and your installer will start.

Choose the location where you want to install FTM 2014 on your system. You can skip it and leave it as the default location. Click on the next button until the finish button is not visible. When you see the finish button then click on it, your FTM 2014 will be installed on your computer.

Get Started Today

So this is all about Family Tree Maker 2014. Now you can easily download one of the best genealogy programs. So, what are you waiting for? Download Family Tree Maker today to start piecing together your family tree and uncovering your roots one branch at a time!

For any help, call the family tree maker support or use the live chat service to get instant help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we give some FAQs for your help, please check them.

Question: Can I upgrade Family Tree Maker 2014 to 2019?

Answer: Yes, you can upgrade your FTM 2014 to 2019 easily. For downloading FTM 2019 just click here.
If you download Family Tree Maker 2019 right now, then you will get it at a discounted price.

Question: How do I open an old family tree maker file?

Answer: To open an old family tree file first you need to click on the plan button given in the main toolbar. Then click on the new tree tab. Import a tree from the existing file. After this, click on the browse button. Go to the location of the tree and click on the open button, your tree will open.

Question: Will Family Tree Maker 2006 run on Windows 10?

Answer: Yes, FTM 2006 can run on Windows 10 but for this, you need special patches.

Question: Can I transfer the family tree maker to a new computer?

Answer: Yes, you can easily transfer your family tree maker to a new computer. Read our post on how to transfer Family Tree Maker to a new computer quickly to transfer your FTM.

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