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How To Make A Family Tree On Google Docs [Easy Guide]

how to make a family tree on google docs
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Making a family tree is a very interesting topic for children and there is a benefit of making a family tree. That’s why teachers give projects for making a family tree to the students, whether kindergarten or elementary students. A family tree can help them learn about their family history and origin. That’s why today we bring the topic “How to make a family tree on Google Docs”.

The benefit of making a family tree on Google Docs is it is free and easy to use and you can access your family tree from anywhere with the help of your phone or system.

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You can make your tree by creating your template using Excel, Word, or Google Docs. This template is editable means you can easily edit your family tree and share your family tree. If you want more free family tree templates then you can get them online very easily.

But if you can spend some money to research your ancestors then you can use some best genealogy programs like Family Tree Maker and Ancestry. Both are the most popular genealogy programs.

With these programs, you can do deep ancestor research. If you are confused about which one you should choose then you can read our blog post Ancestry vs family tree maker – Which is best.

Ancestry provides you with the facility of AncestryDNA Login which helps you to find out the accurate result about your family history.

In the family tree maker program, you can easily take a backup of your family tree. The best thing about the Family Tree Maker program is you can use it offline or online.

Step How To Create A Family Tree On Google Docs

By following the given steps you can easily make a pedigree on Google Docs or Word.

  • To make a family tree on Google Docs first, you need to open a new blank document in MS Word.
  • To open an MS Word, press the “Window” + ”R” key from your keyboard to open a run command window.
  • Type WinWord and press the enter button.
  • A new blank document will be open if you are using Windows 7 and if you are using Windows 10 then you will show a template window and you need to choose a blank template. As given in the below pic.

blank template

  • After that click on the Insert option from the menu bar and select the SmartArt option.
  • As you click on the SmartArt option a new window will open with the different graphic templates. As you see in the given figure. 

family tree maker template

  • Select the template that you want to use for making a family tree.
  • The default chart shows only 2-3 generations if you want to add more generations then add more boxes.
  • You can also add your family members’ images.
  • For inserting the image of your family members, right-click on the box and select the format shape option given in the last.
  • A new popup window will open as given below.

insert image in a family tree

  • Select the image and texture option form and choose the image you want to insert.
  • Use lines to connect and show your family relationship.
  • Your family tree is created.
  • Put this family tree or file on Google Drive and share it with your family members and friends with a sharable link.

How To Share Google Docs Family Tree?

If you want to share your Google Docs family tree then you can easily share the tree. Yes,  by following simple steps, you can easily share your Google Docs tree. Here we give some simple steps for sharing your tree with your friend.

  • To share your tree first open your Google docs.
  • Right-click on your pedigree chart and click on the get link option.
  • As you click on the get link, you will see the share option with general access.
  • Select anyone with the link from the drop-down.
  • After that, copy the link and share that link via mail with your friends or family members.

This is how you can share your Google Docs family tree. Remember only those person can see your family tree can the link of your family tree.


This is how to make a family tree on Google Docs. Anyone can make a family tree on Google Docs by following the steps. If you also want to make your family tree on doc or excel then read this post and make your own family tree in simple steps.

Call the family tree maker support number +1-800-697-1474 for getting instant support. We provide 24/7 customer support. So call our toll-free number anytime.


#Q1. What is the best free program to make a family tree?

Ans: If you are searching for the best free program to make a family tree then you should choose FamilySearch.

#Q2. Is there a family tree template on Google Docs?

Ans: Yes, there is a family tree template on Google Docs.

#Q3. What is the best software for making a family tree?

Ans: You can choose family tree maker software, legacy family tree, and family historian as the best family tree maker software for making a family tree.

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