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6 Best Family Tree Makers [2023]

best family tree maker
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Are you looking for the best family tree maker software in 2023? Here we bring some tested family tree makers so that you can easily pick up the best genealogy software for you.

In this post, we write a brief description of the best family tree maker as per your need. The best genealogy maker allows you to map your family relations. So you’ve got a transparent overview of your history and genealogy.

These smart software features make it easy to put photos, birthdates, and other important historical items in your tree. So that you can look and trace your lineage.

If you’re already conversant in genealogy sites, there’s an honest chance that you’ve heard of GEDCOM files. These are literally just plain text files containing information on your case history. However, they play an important role when you’re transferring data between genealogy websites and genealogy software, as they contain all of the important information you would like to save lots of.

The family tree maker can easily import and convert these files. But once we tested out these programs we found that some were better than others at this process. We rated so highly in our tests because it can easily handle these files, allowing you to upload or download GEDCOM formats. It also features a slightly more modern interface than its competitors and we liked that it works seamlessly with the web genealogy platform as an entire.

As such, albeit you’ll use the program to collect data and print family trees. You would possibly be happier using one of the simplest photo book services for printing purposes. With these more creative companies, you will present your case history more attractively, and also have something tangible to share with your family when your research is complete.

Best Family Tree Maker Software In 2023

1. is one of the best genealogy programs in the market. It consists of the following points:

  1. Combines with genealogy records
  2. Very simple to use
  3. Loads of hints and tips
  4. Trees are quite basic-looking

While there are many specialized software packages for creating family trees, we found that one of the simplest to use is a component of your Ancestry subscription. By using the GEDCOM file you can also input your all data into the family tree.

Ancestry has all the features for building a family tree like researching. Sure, you’ll share it easily, and populate it with images and info within the same way that other genealogy packages allow you to try to do, but it is not pretty.

We love ancestry so much. If you are unable to find the physical copy of your tree then you can contact the family tree maker support. We heartily recommend Ancestry because it is a powerful software for building a family tree.

2. Family Historian 6: Best Family Tree Maker Interface

Another favorite genealogy software, because of its simple use and accuracy.

  1. Flawless GEDCOM accuracy
  2. Easiest interface to navigate
  3. Very good scrapbooking tools
  4. Basic chart designs
  5. No support for DNA records

If you really want to do genealogy research and records and want to tell your family story then Family Historian is the best for you. It works perfectly and imports all the data from GEDCOM files. Apart from this, the interface of the family historians is very easy to use. Additionally, Family Historian’s integration with online databases makes it a strong genealogy tool.

During tests, we imported two very large records and two smaller records, created specifically to check each program’s ability to interpret tricky information, like same-sex marriages, polygamist families, and mixed families. The Family Historian interpreted the info and incorporated the records into its format without flaw. If somebody else in your family has done tons of research already, this is often the simplest program for incorporating their records into your own.

3. Family Heritage Gold

A fully featured genealogy app that’s disappointed slightly by an excessively complicated interface.

  1. Good links to online search tools
  2. Easy-to-read displays of knowledge
  3. Comprehensive help options
  4. Needs a visible update
  5. Some features aren’t easy to use

With the power to figure collaboratively, also as import GEDCOM files, genealogy Heritage Gold may be a great choice as the best genealogy program. This is heavily connected and can synchronize your records with what you found on the FamilySearch website, but despite the power to send an inquiry term to other sites like, the addition of records you discover elsewhere may be a manual process.

The app’s ability to display your data in several ways, from the normal tree to lists of names, to views that consider individuals, maybe a strong feature, while the choice to save lots of photos, supporting documents, and even sound clips as a scrapbook may be a nice touch.

What really lets genealogy Heritage Gold down is the clunky interface, which is basically in need of an update for the Windows 10 era. The toolbar has buttons that seem to duplicate (what’s the difference between search and find?) And it simply doesn’t work to fix a FamilySearch account in the app.

There’s much help, though, and therefore the developer’s website contains tutorials to steer you through all the common genealogy building tasks.

It’s the app’s multiple ways of displaying the info you’ve entered that ought to attract people to genealogy Heritage Gold. Once you’ve built your tree, you’ll concentrate on individuals and populate their entries with a lot of interesting information about their lives and relationships.

4. Legacy Family Tree: Best Genealogy Program For Accuracy

A great software option that has flawless GEDCOM accuracy, and fact-checking hints.

  1. Perfect at importing GEDCOM files
  2. Very easy to use
  3. Excellent scrapbooking tools
  4. No undo/redo tool
  5. Looks as ancient as your Gran

With its excellent data management and research tools, Legacy genealogy did well in tests. If we talk about the UI then the UI is updated that’ why it is effective and straightforward to use. Most significantly, Legacy genealogy was one among only two programs with 100% accuracy in GEDCOM tests. This, alongside its lower cost point, makes it an honest value best genealogy maker. Legacy Family Tree and Family Historian were the sole programs that earned perfect scores.

Legacy genealogy has the highest standards for navigation and data entry – its interface is pleasantly simple and not overwhelming. This makes it easy to manage data, particularly when so much is needed. We also like the software’s automatic warrants as soon as you possibly enter incorrect information, such as a parent at marriage time or who was too young at the time of death.

5. Family Tree Maker: Best Genealogy Program For Beginners

Family Tree Maker is also one of the best family tree makers. The advantages of a family tree maker are given below.

  • Well-designed
  • Easy to navigate
  •  Undo options
  •  No incorrect info warnings
  •  Quite expensive

The new version of the family tree maker is family tree maker 2019, which is more powerful, and more popular. You can also check FTM 2019. Family Tree Maker 2019 is also known as the best genealogy program.
What’s new for the newest version? You get to undo the last 1000 changes (called Turn Back Time), and there is a cloud-based service that permits you to store your tree online and let multiple people edit it. you furthermore may get smaller data fields like historical weather and next of kin details, which were missing from the previous 2017 version.

Only a few features require you to open new windows, eliminating the likelihood of getting lost during a sea of knowledge. The diagram is also easy, and the training curve is low if you have never used software such as this before. You can also add photographs, videos, and other material to reflect the story of your family at the top of the interface.

6. FamilySearch: Best Free Family Tree Maker

FamilySearch is also known as the best pedigree software.

  1. It’s completely free
  2. Simple to use
  3. Doesn’t work well with non-traditional family lines
  4. Very limited functionality

If you would like to place together a basic genealogy, and you do not get to do much extra research, then FamilySearch may be a good option. It’s liberal to check in, and you do not get to divulge an excessive amount of information once you first get there, so it’s ideal for anyone interested in genealogy. New updates on the location mean that you simply can view your genealogy in a sort of ways now: landscape, portrait, by descendants, or during a fan-like arrangement, as shown above.

We tried it with the history of an employee and the software really struggled with the idea of divorce, step-siblings, and other non-traditional family circumstances. Recent updates mean that it’s possible to make these relationships, but it’s never straightforward. There was also a serious lack of suggestions and additional information – this is often something that is certainly linked to other resources for research (although why would you use the free family tree maker on Ancestry?).

How Do Family Trees work?

The working process of the family tree is very simple. You have to put your name and the other records of your family into the tree. So, writing your name at rock bottom, you’d work backwards, placing down the small print of your parents, then their parents, then on – until you run out of case history. You’ll see how this works visually within the images, above.

Typically, you’d place female relatives on the proper of a branch, and male relatives on the left. But family trees are personal artifacts. So you ought to be happy to create yours how you wish. the foremost important thing is that they’re easy to read.

You can hand-draw family trees, but often when you’re mapping out several generations it’s useful to possess the info safely stored somewhere. this is often where the simplest genealogy makers are available handy, as they permit you to stay track of all those complicated familial ties in one single database.

Still, struggling to trace your ancestors? Well, we even have a handy guide on how genealogy works, which features a few suggestions on where to seem for your past relatives. and that we even have a guide available if you would like more information on the way to map your genealogy.

How We Tested Genealogy Program?

Sharing research may be a major part of successful genealogy work. The aim of the primary two records was to check the breadth of the program, as each file had thousands of names and many families.

The simplest programs are models – you don’t need to open a replacement window for each tool or feature you would like to use. Instead, you enter data during an interface that uses floating tabs and adjustable modules in a single window.

Genealogy is about far more than collecting dates and names – it’s also about telling your family story; displaying family connections on a visible chart; and tracking down pictures, videos, audio, and family memories. If you’ve got to access a database to try to research anyway, why not use a service to create your family tree?


Why is genealogy software still relevant? While he praises online genealogy services as an important part of the genealogy industry that connects people with vast databases of names and records.

Cross-Database Hints

Doing genealogy is like being a detective. This is often a part of the appeal for several people. Building an ancestor’s biography through small clues and fractured information. to try to do this, you cannot limit yourself to at least one database. However, genealogy services lock you into a subscription with complicated user agreements and property issues, making it difficult to try to do cross-database research.

If you are like a detective, then it can help you so much to search for any people. Orde illustrates this by remarking that services only provide hints within their own database. You do not get hints about records on other databases. For instance, doesn’t direct you to or other sites, albeit the knowledge may further your research. But with software, you get hints and matches for people on multiple databases.

User Changes

Other users can change the information if your genealogy service is cloud-based nature. While citing information is sweet practice, a web user doesn’t necessarily get to cite the rationale for changing data. For instance, a couple of years ago, someone changed my grandfather’s death date on a well-liked ancestry service’s database. My dad had to go through a way to set the changed date, to show firsthand experience, and before the date had been corrected he would have cited the death certificate. Because it was clothed, my grandfather had confused the one who altered the date with someone with the same name. Not an unusual database problem.

A Living Record

Another reason to shop for genealogy software is to create a record of living relatives. Marcia Helzer, who for the past eight years has been a retired school teacher and a voluntary indexer, points out how genealogy could be a live record.

It should focus on the maximum amount of your living relatives because it does your ancestors. But this is often difficult to try to do with online services because it’s going to violate living individuals’ privacy. In an era where fraud may be a real concern, a privately managed database on your computer is that the safer option.

In this post, you learned about the best family tree maker. Even now if you are unable to choose the best genealogy program for you then you can make a call for family tree maker support.


So if you are searching for the best genealogy software then this post is beneficial for you. In this article, we tell you what is the best genealogy software and how can you make a family tree. For getting instant help, call our toll-free number +1-800-697-1474.

For doing a live chat please use the family tree maker live chat option from our site.

FAQ Questions
#1. What is the best program to create a family tree?

Ans: Best programs to create a family tree are Family Historian 7,, Family Tree Heritage Gold, Legacy Family Tree, and Family Tree Maker.

#2. What is the best family Tree Maker Free?

Ans: Family Tree by FamilySearch, WikiTree, Ancestry Family Tree, and Family Tree by Family Tree Maker are the best family tree maker free.

#3. What is the current version of Family Tree Maker?

Ans: Family Tree Maker 2019 is the latest version of Family Tree Maker software.

#4. Is Family Tree Maker 2019 Windows 10 compatible?

Ans: Yes, Family Tree Maker 2019 is compatible with Windows 10.

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