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3 Best Family Tree Builders Free

family tree builder free

Last updated on July 26th, 2022 at 08:41 am

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Want to make a free family tree? Read this post, here we discuss the family tree builder free. Using these free family tree builders you can easily make a family tree in simple steps. In this post, we bring the 3 best family tree builders for you.

List of Best Family Tree Builder

Check the best family tree builder. These family tree builders are free.

Family Echo

Family echo is a free family tree builder. For making a free family tree first you should gather all the family history records. With a family echo, you can include photographs, birth, death, marriage certificate, and employment records. Family echo is a work in progress, in the future developer added advanced mobile capabilities; add the location of birth and death. Maybe in the future, you can change the background of your family tree. You can also use different design templates.

My Heritage

The second best family tree builder free is My Heritage. My Heritage is introduced by an Israeli company. My heritage is established in 2003 in Israel. It has monthly visits of about 45 million. The cost of my heritage DNA testing kit is $79. But at a discount price, you can get this for $39.


Canva is one of the best family tree builders which is free. In Canva, you will get a lot of free family tree templates. By using these templates you can make your family tree with easy steps. For making a free family tree with Canva please follow the given steps.

Steps For Making A Family Tree With Canva

  1. First, open Canva.
  2. Then choose a template for your family tree.
  3. Insert the data of your family into your family tree template.
  4. Connect all the family members with each other.
  5. Click on the save button and share your family tree with your relative.

This is how you can make your family tree free with the family tree builder free.


By using the family tree builder free you can easily make your family tree freely. If you need more information then you can visit our site any time or for getting a help call at +1-800-697-1474 anytime. We have 24/7 tech support so that our customers can contact us anytime. For getting free tech support please use family tree maker live chat.


#Q1: What is the best free family tree maker?

Ans: Family Tree Maker is one of the best family tree makers. You can also use family search for making a free family tree maker.

#Q2: Where can I make a family tree for free?

Ans: Use Family Search for making a family tree for free. It provides you 100 % free family tree making facility.

#Q3: Is MyHeritage family tree builder free?

Ans: Yes, my heritage family tree builder is free to use.

#Q4: Is there a free family tree template on the word?

Ans: You can use Google docs for a free family tree template on word.

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