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Easy Steps For Create A Family Tree In 2022

create a family tree
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A family tree is the best way to show your family relationship. It also helps to save your family’s memorable memories. So if you are also thinking to create a family tree in 2022 then this is the right article for you.

In this article, you will get a step by step instructions on how to create a family tree in simple steps. So read the full article and if you are busy right now then you call also bookmark this page for future reading.

How To Create A Family Tree?

First, we clear that you can make your family tree online or offline. Online means you can use any genealogy software or website to make your family tree. Offline means you can create your family tree on paper that you can print anytime.

Make A Family Tree Online

You can make a family tree online by using the lucid chart, canva, and other genealogy software like family tree maker or legacy family tree. Making a family tree is enjoyable and has a funny moment.

Steps For Making A Family Tree Online

  1. For making a family tree first you have to collect all the information that you can get regarding your family. Open your online genealogy software or canva or lucid chart.
  2. Then map a family tree template or draft.
  3. After that insert your family details into your family tree template and click on the Save button.
  4. Your family tree will be created.
  5. Now you can share your family tree easily. You can also make a family tree on the word. Use excels for making a family tree.

Make A Family Tree Offline

If you want to make a family tree offline then you can make a family tree on paper. Making a family tree is easy. For making a tree on paper, first take a paper and think about a family tree template. Then insert your family details in your family tree template. Use lines to connect the family members with each together. You can use different shapes for showing family members. You can hang your family tree on your home wall. This increases your home’s beauty.


This is how you can make a family tree online or offline. But if you want any help regarding genealogy software then you can contact the family tree maker support. We provide you the best solution to your problem.

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