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Unable To Sign Into Ancestry || Reset An Ancestry Account

not able to sign into Ancestry
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Not Able To Sign Into Ancestry

This blog “Unable to sign into Ancestry and Ancestry Account” is for the user who uses ancestry to build family trees. If users are not able to log in to their ancestry account, then they should read this blog and follow the instructions to fix this issue. After reading this post, you can easily fix ancestry sign-in problems or ancestry login problems.

Check the username and password for your ancestry account. If the username and password are not correct, then reset the username and password.

Note: In most cases, the username is correct, but the password is not correct. We will try to give instructions for resetting the username and password too.

How To Reset An Ancestry Account’s Password?

Please visit, you will get an ancestry com login screen as displayed in the image below.

Not able to sign into Ancestry

Make sure you have access to the email you have used to create an ancestry account. If you do not have access to your email account, then you will need to call ancestry support.

Since you do not remember your password, you will need to click forgot password.

Ancestry sign in Support

You will need to put your email address as displayed in the picture below. And then click on continue.

Ancestry Login Support

Please check your email, you will get the one-time password to put it in the ancestry password reset screen to continue. As soon as you put in the right one-time password and click on continue, you will get a screen to create a new password.

Here you can create your new password and go back to Family Tree Maker and click on ancestry sign in and log in to your ancestry in Family Tree Maker.

What If The Username Is Not Correct?

If you forgot your ancestry username, you should contact ancestry support. If you face any problem in sign into ancestry account. As they will be able to change your username or email address. You will need to verify with them that you are the owner of the account.

What If The Username And Password Are Correct And Still Not Able To Login To Ancestry In Family Tree Maker?

Please make sure your Windows or operating system is up to date. If your operating system is not up to date, then you will face a sign-in issue in ancestry.

How To Check Updates In Apple Mac?

Click on the Apple logo and then click about this Mac. As soon as you click on this Mac, you will get your Mac information.

Apple update

Now click on update software update. If there is any software update pending then you will get the window, where you can update your iOS.  If you are not able to update your iOS then you can call us and one of our techs will help you.

How To Check Updates For Windows Computers?

On the left-hand side bottom corner, you will see the Windows logo (Microsoft Logo), click on it and type Windows update.

You will get the search result Check for updates; you should click on check for updates. If there is any update pending, then you will get an option to update your windows. Please follow the online instructions or call our support line to get instant ancestry sign help.

Still Facing A Problem To Sign Into Ancestry!

You should try running a full scan using your antivirus program. A virus can also cause this issue. You can also download the anti-malware program and scan your pc. If you have a virus then remove it and restart your computer.

If you are not able to remove the infection and need assistance, then call our support line now to get help. Check your antivirus, if you are using Kaspersky then call our support group. One of our techs will assist you on the phone to get this solved.

Not Able To Sign Into Ancestry.  What Should I Do?

Try resetting your family tree maker to default. Please press and hold the shift key and then try to open your FTM program.

You will have two choices.

Reset Family Tree Maker to default

  1. Temporarily use default settings for this session only.
  2. Reset the program to default.

Choose the first option and try to sign in. You will be able to sign into your account but if it does not work then you should try the instructions below.

Uninstall and reinstall the family tree maker and try to sign in to your Ancestry account.

You should also check you are not using a metered connection, or that your network settings are not set to limited data for the internet.

Please call ancestry sign-in support to get help in sign into ancestry, we, Tane Innovative Concepts LLC fix any issues with the family tree maker.

FAQ Questions:

#Q1. Why can I not access my ancestry account?

Ans: Not able to sign into your ancestry account then reset your password. For getting instant help, call the family tree maker support number at +1-800-697-1474.

#Q2. How do I found my first activation code for ancestry?

Ans: You can find your first activation code for ancestry on the sample collection tube. There is a code of 15 digits which is a combination of numbers and letters.

#Q3. What is my username on Ancestry?

Ans: For checking your username on ancestry go to any page of your ancestry account and click on your name given in the top right side corner. You will see your username.

#Q4. How do I log into my ancestry account?

Ans: Go to and click on the sign-in button. Enter your login information, and click on the sign-in button. If your username and password are corrected then you will log into your ancestry account. But if you are not a registered user of ancestry then first you have to register on

#Q5. How do I reactivate my ancestry com account?

Ans: For reactive your ancestry com account renewal your ancestry membership.

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