How To Access My Family Tree When Computer Is Crashed?

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backing up a family tree

Do you want backing up a family tree when your system is crashed? If yes then this post helps you to find out your problem solution. Family tree maker and computer both are such things which can stop unexpectedly. So here we have two points for what we have to need to take a backup of our family tree: 1. The family tree maker is crashed 2. The computer is crashed.

In this post, we will tell you how to backing up a family tree when your system/ computer is crashed.

Backing Up A Family Tree

As we know the computer is an electronic device which stops working anytime. How would it be if you are working on your family tree and suddenly your computer is crashed?  And you have your family tree install only a single computer in this situation how would you backing up a family tree.

In this condition, you can resolve your issues with two types that we tell you in this post. So read the full article and get the knowledge of how to backing up a family tree.

Steps To Backing Up A Family Tree When Your Computer Is Not Working Or Crashed

You can back up a family tree in two ways that are given below.

  1. If you have a backup of your family tree in any other external drive likes hard disk or flash drive.
  2. You can also get your family tree again if you sync your family tree with ancestry.

Through these two ways, you can easily backing up your family tree and install your family tree into a new computer.

Backing Up A Family Tree Through Hard Disk

If you have taken a backup on an external drive before then you can install the family tree again. Many people took a backup of their family trees because they know how important is their family trees. In a family tree, they have many data of their family. So taking a backup of your family tree is a safe hand condition in such situation. If you have a backup on another external drive then install that on a new computer, your family tree will be restored easily.

Backing Up A Family Tree Through Ancestry

Here we tell you how to take a backup a family tree through ancestry. As we know that family tree maker 2017 and family tree maker 2019 easily sync with ancestry. So if you sync your family tree with the ancestry then you can easily restore your family tree on a new computer. Go to and log in with your username and password. Take a backup of your tree and then install it on a new computer. Remember one thing that in such a way you lose some information of your family tree like research notes. Because ancestry does not support research notes. You have to manually insert it again.


This is how you can backing up a family tree when your system is crashed. Apart from this, if you have any other issues then you can contact family tree maker support anytime. Call at +1-800-697-1474 for instant support. For your help, we give a FAQ section below. Check the FAQ section and get the best answer to your problem.


#Q1: How do I recover my family tree maker files?

Ans: Choose the backup file that you store on your computer the files will be restored on your computer.

#Q2. How do I transfer the family tree maker to a new computer?

Ans: First, open your family tree maker 2019 software then click on the file menu. After that select the export option, an export window will be open. Choose the entire file to copy for transfer family tree to a new computer.

#Q3. Can Family Tree Maker be installed on two computers?

Ans: Yes, you can easily install family tree maker software on two computers. People installed their family tree maker software on up to three computers.

#Q4. How much does a family tree maker cost?

Ans: If you want to purchase the family tree maker software 2019 then you have to pay $79.95.

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