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100 % Free Printable Family Tree Templates – Doc And PDF

printable family tree templates

Last updated on April 24th, 2023 at 11:54 am

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Printable Family Tree Templates

Family tree templates make an easy way to make a family tree. If you want to make a family tree of your family members quickly then you should go with printable family tree templates. Using these family tree templates, you can easily print your family tree.

In this post, we will talk about printable family tree templates. So if you are thinking to choose a printable family tree template then read this post and get one of the best templates available for you. Bookmark this page if you are busy now.

Free Printable Family Tree Templates To Download

Here we give some best and most simple family tree templates that you can easily use for making a family tree. You just entered the data of your family tree into these free family tree templates and click on the Save button.

family tree template online free family tree template

Which Type Of Family Tree Template Should You Choose?

There are different types of printable family tree templates that you can use for your family tree. All these family tree templates are in ascending order which means they usually start with your name (maker of the tree) and then go upwards. First, your name comes then your parents and after that, your grandmother and grandfather come upward direction. Your children and your children’s child come down to you.

How To Make A Family Tree Template Using Printable Family Tree Templates?

You can make your family tree template on paper also then you can print that later. Here in this paragraph, you will learn how to make a family tree template in simple steps.

Steps To Make A Family Tree Template

Follow the given instructions for making printable family tree templates.

  1. Take a piece of paper on which you can draw your family tree template.
  2. Start with you. Put your brother and sister beside you.
  3. After that, write your father’s and mother’s names upward your name.
  4. Write your grandfather and grandmother’s name upward of your father and mother’s names.
  5. This is how you can make a third-generation family tree template. Now you can share and print your family tree.


These are the 5 simple steps for making printable family tree templates. You can easily try it yourself and make your beautiful family tree within a few minutes. If further, you feel some problems then you can contact the family tree maker support anytime.

We give support 24/7. Getting instant help call our toll-free number +1-800-697-1474. Use family tree maker live chat support for getting in touch with our tech support team.


#Q1: Is there a family tree template on the Word?

Ans: Yes, you can easily make a family tree template on Word.

#Q2: How can I print my entire family tree?

Ans: You can print your entire family tree easily. If your family tree is on ancestry then first open your ancestry account then click any place on ancestry and click on the tree tab and choose a tree. Choose the view of the tree from the pedigree view or family view. Select the part of the tree that you want to print. Once you select the part then click on the print option given in the top left corner.

#Q3: Is there a free family tree template?

Ans: Yes, you can use free family tree templates over the internet or use lucidchart or Canva for free family tree templates.

#Q4: How do you layout a family tree on paper?

Ans: For making a layout of a family tree on paper first take a piece of paper. Then collect the information about your family. Use different symbols to show the family members and then use lines to connect them with each other.

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