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Which Is The Best Between Ancestry And Family Tree Maker?

ancestry and family tree maker
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If you are a little bit knowledgeable or fond of genealogy then you must know about the ancestry and the family tree maker. Both are famous names in the genealogy world. Today in this post, we will tell you what the difference between ancestry and family tree builder is. So that you choose the right one for you and know which is the best Ancestry or Family Tree M?

Read the full article for a clear understanding. By reading this article, you will get the best understanding of ancestry and family tree builder.

Difference Between Ancestry And Family Tree Builder

We tell you all the differences between ancestry and pedigree maker one by one so read the article carefully. You can check the major difference between ancestry and lineage given below.

Website vs. Program

One of the major differences between Ancestry and Family Tree Maker is that Ancestry is a website and on the other hand, Family Tree Maker is a program. You can understand this with this example; ancestry is just like a search engine like Google and Yahoo. For building your family tree you need to do an ancestry sign-in.

Family Tree Maker is a program that you have to install on your computer’s hard disk like Microsoft Office or any antivirus. You can use ancestry with the help of a web browser. If you don’t know how to install it then you must read our post Easy steps to install Family Tree Maker on your computer.

Subscribe vs. Purchase

You can subscribe to Ancestry like a magazine. With the ancestry subscription, you can access the records on the website. The best thing about ancestry subscription/membership, you can easily cancel your ancestry subscription anytime and renew your ancestry subscription anytime if you want.

As we told you a family tree maker is a software so you have to purchase this. This is the second major difference between ancestry and FTM. To get a family tree maker at a discounted price, just call us at our toll-free number +1-800-697-1474.

Online vs. Offline

Just because ancestry is a website, you need an internet connection to use this. If you do have not an internet connection then you cannot use ancestry.

On the other hand, the Family Tree Maker is stored on your computer, so you will be able to use the Family Tree Maker anytime. You can use a family tree maker with the internet or without the internet.

When you are using Family Tree Maker without the internet then some features of this program will be unavailable like syncing or hints. You can add people or other information offline.

Books And Charts – My Canvas vs. Publish

If you are using ancestry and want to print your family tree then you have limitations. You can print only 4 generations of charts. If you want to print more information then you can contact MyCanvas. MyCanvas will take the information in your tree and generate a book then you can customize it later.

With Family Tree Maker, you have many publishing options. You can print 37 different charts and reports with a family tree maker with a wide range of customization.

Sync Differences

There are a few differences between your tree on ancestry and your tree on family tree maker. You can check the sync differences by clicking here. If you are facing an FTM sync problem with ancestry then read our post Fixing FTM sync issue with ancestry.


If we talk about taking a backup of your family tree then you can easily take a backup in both (Ancestry and Family Tree Maker) using a GEDCOM file. You can take a family tree backup on your computer or an external drive like USB.

Unique Features of Family Tree Maker

There are some unique features of the Family Tree Maker 2019 that make it popular and famous. If you want to know the unique features of the Family Tree Maker 2019 latest version then click here.


So, these are the major differences between ancestry and pedigree makers. I hope now you get a better understanding of ancestry and family tree builder.

FAQ Questions

#Q1. Does Ancestry still support Family Tree Maker?

Ans: Yes, ancestry still supports Family Tree Maker. You can easily sync your family tree maker with ancestry.

#Q2. What is the difference between ancestry and family tree maker?

Ans: The biggest difference between ancestry and FTM is that ancestry is a website and family tree maker is software. You can’t work with ancestry without the internet whether, with a Family Tree Maker, you can work offline also.

#Q3. Has Family Tree Maker been discontinued?

Ans: You can use Family Tree Maker 2019 as the latest version of Family Tree Maker still in 2021.

#Q4. Which is better RootsMagic or Family Tree Maker?

Ans: Both are good and you can choose any one as per your choice. If you want to work with your family members on the same tree then you should choose a family tree maker. For creating a webpage for searching for your ancestors you should choose RootsMagic.

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