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How To Make A Basic Family Tree?

basic family tree
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Family, a very important part of our life. Family tells us a lot of things. We spend many special moments with our family and for preserving those moments many people make a pedigree chart. So that they can preserve their family memories for the future. In this post, we are going to tell you how to make a basic family tree with easy steps.

What Is A Basic Family Tree?

Normally it is a graphical representation that shows the relation of our household members in the form of a tree.

Types of Trees

There are different types of pedigrees like a basic trees, ancestor charts, descendants charts, sandglass diagrams, etc. We will tell you about all of these trees so stay connected with this post.

Basic Family Tree (BFT)

BFT means a simple diagram or structure in which you and your household member show like you, your father, and your mother is shown. There are no other family members like your grandmother or grandfather.  You can say that a small lineage is known as a basic family tree in which there are only 3-4 members.

Ancestor Chart

If we talk about the ancestor chart then it is a chart that shows the ancestors of a person which is called “proband”. This chart starts from the bottom to the upper side and it starts with the person.

Descendants Chart

This chart shows the descendants of a person and it starts with a person “proband” at the top and then at the bottom, the children and the children thereof shown. At the top, it shows the person with his wife and then at the bottom, you can see their child and their child.

Sandglass Diagram

The combination of the ancestor and descendants chart is known as the Sandglass diagram and this chart proband shown in the middle.

How To Make A Basic Family Tree?

Making a basic lineage is very simple. Basic lineage is a small pedigree tree so you don’t take more time to make it. Just collect the information about your family members like their ages, date of birth, and birthplace.

After that think about a tree template and insert all the data of your household into the lineage template. Your family lineage will be created now share your family pedigree with your family members and your friends.

You can also make your tree on paper.


This is how you can make a basic family tree with simple steps. If you want to make a lineage like an ancestor and descendants chart then contact family tree maker support for getting support.

We will give you the best solution so that you can easily do your work easily. Contact us at +1-800-697-1474 for getting help now!

Frequently Asked Questions

#Q1. How to make a simple family tree?

Ans: Making a simple pedigree chart is very easy just collect the information about your family and then insert all the information in the tree template.

#Q2. What is a simple family tree?

Ans: Simple family tree shows the descendants or ancestors of a specific person in a small amount of data.

#Q3. Who comes first in a tree?

Ans: In a tree if you are making your tree top to down then the third generation comes at the top of your tree then the third-second generation comes at last you and your parents show in the tree bottom.

#Q4. Is there a free version of family tree maker?

Ans: You can use FTM Connect now as a free version of FTM. Go to your Apple app store and download it for free.

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