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11+ Best Family Tree Creator Online – Free And Paid [2023]

family tree creator
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Best Family Tree Creator

A family tree creator or family tree maker is a tool for creating a family tree. If you are also looking for a free family tree creator online then this post will be very beneficial to you.

This post will tell you all about the family tree creator like what are the best family tree creators for building a family tree.

In this post, you will get the best family tree creators of the year 2022. So if you also want to know about the free family tree builder online then read this post completely.

Free Online Family Tree Creator/Program

Here we give some free online family tree creators that you can use to make a family tree.

Family echo

The first free online family tree creator that gets the first position in our list is the Family Echo. Family Echo is totally free family tree maker that is used by a lot of people for making a family tree. You can use it for free. You can also print your family tree in just a few minutes.


You can also make your family tree by using Canva. Canva is a designing tool that allows you to make banners, presentations, and much more. You can also create a family tree easily. You can also get a lot of free family tree templates in Canva. All these templates are editable so you can easily create a family tree using Canva.

Git Mind

If you are using Windows, Mac, Android, and other operating systems and want to make a family tree then Get Mind is best for you. Get Mind is another free family tree builder which is used for making a family tree. It provides you a lot of different templates like Canva for making family trees or charts. The benefit of using this is it is a free and online tool that’s why you don’t need to install or download it.


You can use Creately for Web/Windows/Mac, and Linux. If you like pre-created templates then use Creately for making your family tree. It is a professional chart maker that is available online and in the desktop version.

The best thing about this is you can create an unlimited document and apart from this you can connect with 100 users at the same time. The image quality is too good with high resolution.


It is one of the most family tree creators online. To use it you need to subscribe to its services. You will get a presentation mode for the audience. Using Lucidchart you can create different types of family trees.


It is one of the most popular and free family tree creator websites. You can use it for free and make your own family tree. It is easy to use and in FamilySearch, you can get some largest family trees that you have ever seen.

These are all free family tree creators that you can use for building your family tree. If you have some money issues then you can use any one of them but otherwise, you can use the paid family tree makers that we are given below.

RootsMagic Software

RootsMagic software is known as the award-winning genealogy program. It is free to use and its latest and most popular versions are RootsMagic 8, RootsMagic Essentials, and RootsMagic 7.

By using this, you can easily create and share your family tree with your friends. The company released RootsMagic 9 the latest version in 2023.

Paid Family Tree Creator

If you want to go beyond the thought of searching your ancestors’ history then use paid family tree creator. These programs provide you with the best result or answer about your ancestors’ history.


The first best family tree creator that gets the first place in our list is It is one of the best genealogy programs that is used by a lot of people. If you want to use Ancestry for free then you can use Ancestry free trial.

Yes, ancestry provides a free trial of 14 days to its users so that they can understand how it works. The best thing about the ancestry free trial is you will get all the access that you will get in an ancestry subscription. If you like it then you can go further with your plan otherwise you can cancel your ancestry membership anytime and get a refund.

If you think about what would happen with your ancestry account after canceling your ancestry membership then not to worry. You will still have your account as a registered guest account.

Family Tree Maker

The second famous family tree creator on our list is Family Tree Maker. If you have no financial issues then you can use Family Tree Maker as the best family tree maker software. Family Tree Maker is one of the best family tree makers since it was released.

It has a different version, you can check family tree maker versions anytime. Currently, Family Tree Maker 2019 is the latest version and the company released its free updates which are version 24.1, version 24.2, and version 24.2.2.

Family Historian 7

It is another best-paid family tree creator for making a family tree. Although its look is pretty old, still it has some amazing and serious tools that make it popular.

There are some main reasons behind purchasing it which are flawless GEDCOM accuracy, a simple interface to navigate, and an excellent support network.

All these things make it famous for use. But if you are a Mac user then it is recommended that you should not purchase it.

Family Tree Heritage Gold

If you want to make collaborative projects then family tree heritage gold is best for you. You can easily get this from Amazon. If we talk about why you should purchase this then we want to tell you that it has good online search tools and easy help options.

In family tree heritage, if you need a visual update then this is not good for you because it needs a visual update. Apart from this, some of its features are not easy to use.

Legacy Family Tree

Legacy Family Tree has flawless GEDCOM accuracy and fact-checking hints that make it a favorite family tree creator. If you are searching for a genealogy program that is easy to use and has excellent scrapbooking tools, then this one is a good option.

But in a legacy family tree, you will not get an undo or redo option. So while using this software be sure that you are inserting the right entry.


So all is done in family tree creator. We hope you enjoyed this post. In this post, you have learned all about free and paid family tree creators.

If you need any help then you can call the family tree maker support. The toll-free number is +1-800-697-1474. This number is available 24/7. Use FTM live chat for free support.

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