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Find Your Family Tree : Best And Easy Steps To Find Your Tree

find your family tree
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How To Find Your Family Tree?

Everyone’s life starts with a home. To show family members, and relations with our ancestors, people create family trees. In that, in a family tree, people use their family members’ data like photos, dates (D.O.B), surname, etc. If you want to trace your family tree in one of the biggest shared family trees. Then maybe it is a little bit hard for you. But don’t worry if you read this post then you can easily learn how to find your family tree.

Here in this article, we will tell you the best and easy steps to find your family tree. First, to start this topic we want to tell you why should people create a family tree.

Why Should People Create A Family Tree?

People create family trees because, with the help of family trees, they represent the relationships of their family members. Apart from this, it also helps to create an interest in your children to know more about family history. For this, they use ancestor’s photos and some more records like D.O.B. and locations.

Isn’t it right? With the help of family trees, people know and learn about their ancestors. How they look and from where they are coming. With family trees, people store and preserve their ancestor’s records for the future. These are the reasons why people create a family tree.

How Can We Make A Family Tree?

Now you know why people create a family tree. In this paragraph, we will tell you how you can make a family tree to store your family or ancestor’s records.

If you have a family tree then you can skip making a family tree section and directly go to find your family tree section.

Step-By-Step Process To Create A Family Tree

If you really care about your family and want to store your family’s records. Then creating a family tree is the best option for you. In the market, you can easily a lot of software by which you can easily create a family tree. Alternatively, if you want a free family tree then now you can also do it.

Free Best Family Tree Maker Software

Here we have given a list of software by using you can build a free family tree.

  1. Gramps
  2. Family Tree Maker
  3. RootsMagic Essentials
  4. Legacy Family Tree Standard Edition
  5. Ancestral Quest Basics

For creating a family tree, please follow the given steps:

  1. Explore your family history.
  2. Once you did it after that choose the best genealogy software for creating a family tree.
  3. For creating a family tree, you can also take expert help.
  4. Guess can be useful.
  5. Enter all the information in the family tree maker that you know.

By following the entire step given above, you can easily build your family tree. Even if you are not able to create a family tree then please contact the family tree maker upgrade center.

Who Can Search A Family Tree

Anyone can search a family tree and there is no need for an account to search a lineage or pedigree tree.

How Can You Find Your Tree?

If you want to search your family tree then first search for your relatives in the tree. You can search your family tree even if you have not used the family tree. Go to FamilySearch, and choose family tree under the search menu.

Now you need to log in or create a free family tree. After this, enter the information that you know about your ancestor. Information like name, age, sex, date of birth, and relationship.

Tips For Finding The Right Person

When you search for your ancestors you will see multiple users and sometimes duplicate profiles. In those multiple results, you have to choose the right person.

For this, you have to review those profiles. If the result is not found then you have to broaden your search. You can also take expert help. You can call the family tree maker support number at +1-800-697-1474.

Finding And Adding Relatives From Your Tree View

If you are already using a family tree maker or FamilySearch or want to start a family tree. You can search for your relatives from the family tree menu. Click on the family tree menu and choose a tree from the list.

Here if you know a person like father and mother the added click add a father or add mother. After that fill in the information about your ancestors.

You can also add children if you get the children in the search result. By filling in his/her information click on the Next button and search for the next matches.

Searching For Unknown Relatives In Records

If you have no such information or data related to your relatives. Then you can also do additional research for his/her.

With the help of Records Hints, you can easily do additional searches for any person. Once you have got a little bit of information then you can get the all records related to that person.


I hope all this information is useful for you. In this post, we tell you how can make a family tree and how can you find your family tree.

Apart from this, if yet you have any problems or any issues, did not get your answer. Then you can easily call the family tree maker support number +1-800-697-1474.

You can also do a live chat with our family tree maker tech support team. Our tech team is available 24/7 for your help.

FAQ Questions:

How can I find my family Tree without paying?

If you find out your family tree without paying then first go to Then click on the family tree icon. Enter the information that you know about your ancestors.

How do I identify a specific tree?

People identify a specific tree by its leaves. The basic three types of leaves are needles, scaled, and broadleaf.

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