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How To Build A Family Tree With Easy Steps In 2022?

build a family tree
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Build A Family Tree

If you are interested to know about your family history then building a family tree is a good decision. A family tree is very important for us in many ways. In this post, we will tell you how to build a family tree in simple steps.

What Is A Family Tree?

A Graphical representation of the family in the form of a tree is known as a family tree. It shows the relations between the family members. The family tree usually starts with a root and then lines represent its branches.

Why Family Tree Is Important?

If you are fond of genealogy a little bit then you are interested in building a family tree. There are many reasons to build a family tree. Some of the reasons are:

  • A family tree connects you to your heritage.
  • It helps you to trace genetics and family health concerns.
  • Building a family tree is a good exercise to know more about your family.
  • It saves the family records for the future in the form of photos, videos, and many other data.
  • Building a family tree can be fun.

How To Build A Family Tree?

Building a family tree is easy and you can make it by following some simple steps. Here we give some simple steps to building a family tree, please check them.

Collect The Information

Before getting started on a family tree first you have to collect information about your family. As much information as you have your family tree will be big. You can get help from your family members too.

Draft A Family Tree Outline

Once you collect all the information about your family, the second step is to draft a family tree outline. It helps you to build your family tree. You can use a pen and paper to draft a family tree. Drawing a family tree on paper is easy. Use family tree templates for making your family tree fast. You can get different family tree templates online.

Add Information To Each Leaf

When you draft a family tree outline after inserting information into each leaf. A leaf represents a single person. So add leaves to your family tree one by one. As you add the leaf to your family tree, it turns into a big tree.

Share Your Tree

Once you have done all three processes your family tree will be created. After that, you can easily share your family tree with your family members. You can share a link through the mail. People click on the link and check your family tree easily.


This is how you can build a family tree in simple steps. After this post, you are able to make your family tree. But if you face any problem then you can contact Family Tree Maker Support anytime. We have 24/7 customer support so that people can contact us at any time. Need instant support, call +1-800-697-1474.

You can also use our live chat support for free and get the best support regarding your issue.


#Q1.  Where can I make a family tree online for free?

Ans: You can use Canva software to make a free family tree. In Canva, you will get many predefined templates that you can use to build a family tree.

#Q2. Is there a free family tree template?

Ans: Want free family tree templates, use family search. It offers you a wonderful free family tree maker.

#Q3. How do you make a simple family tree?

Ans: For making a simple family tree collect the names, research your family members’ history, insert the data into the family tree template, and click on the Save button. Your simple family tree will be created.

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