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How To Create A Family Tree Online?

family tree online
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Family Tree Online On Ancestry

On Ancestry, you can create your Family Tree online in a simple and effortless way. You can make a family tree online with different software like Canva or lucid chart. This article talks about how to make a family tree online. There are given few steps you should follow to create a family tree online on Ancestry.

Collecting Data

If you want to make a family tree then firstly, collect the data. These data are the foundation of your tree, and it is most useful. These include:

  • Group sheets, pedigree charts, and books of remembrance of your family.
  • Family Bibles
  • Diaries, journals, and letters
  • Photos
  • Newspaper clippings and obituaries
  • Birth, marriage, and death certificates

To organize data in a paper chart before entering it online, you can download a free family group sheet or pedigree chart.

If you conduct a personal interview with your family members, it can help you collect data about your ancestors. Family members may recall vital details or have family inheritances, documents, or photos that help you. So, make sure you take notes of the personal interview.

Entering Data

When you collect the data then the second task that you have to do is entering the data. Here we tell you what data you need to make a family tree online.


For making a family tree first, enter the names of your ancestors. You must try to enter the full names, if possible.  Female’s maiden name should be entered, and abstain from their married names. You can find out here when to use maiden names for females on the family tree.


The dates should be in dd/mm/yyyy format. For example: (01 Dec 1928). Let us say, if you are not sure of the day, month, or year, you can put is like “before”, “after”.


You must collect maximum data about an event and its location with a date. The order of levels should be maintained. You must record the smallest level first and the largest level last. Putting a comma and space between the levels is a must. Including the name of the country also helps.

Add People

You can easily add people to your family tree. To add people, you must click on a close relative of that person, then click on “Profile”. Under profile, you will find the “Facts” tab, under which you can add the person in the Family column.

Click on a type of family member, under the drop-down menu. To add a parent to a person whose parents are already listed, the option to add a parent will not show up. If you want to add another parent, click on “Edit” > “Edit Relationships” > Add Alternate Mother/Father. After you have filled in the information on that person, you can now click Save.

Add Relationships 

Add Stepfamily Member

When you want to add a person from a stepfamily, it should be in the same way you add a person on your tree. After that, go to the profile page of the step-person and then click on “Edit” > “Edit Relationships” > “Biological” and then change it to Step. This shows up as a person from the stepfamily.

Add Adopted Family Member

You must add a person from an adopted family member in the same as you add a biological family member.  After that, go to the profile page of the adopted person and click on “Edit” > “Edit Relationships” > “Biological” and now you can change it to adapt. This would come up as a person from an adopted family.

Add Siblings

At least one shared parent needs to already be in the tree If you want to add a sibling to someone in your family tree. For example, if Roy and Ryan are half-brothers through their father, Bob needs to add their father to the tree before Roy can add Ryan. In case you do not know the name of a parent you can add a parent as “Unknown.”

Add Unmarried Parents

Adding the unmarried parents is in the same way you add anyone else. Then click on the profile page of one of the parents and then click on “Edit” > “Edit Relationships” > “Spouse” and now you can change it.

More Than Two Parents

Go to the person’s profile page for whom you want to add a parent. Click on “Edit” > “Edit Relationships” > Add “Alternate Mother/Father”.

Add Facts And Events

To add facts and events, click on the profile page of a person in your tree for whom you want to add facts and events.  Under the “Facts” tab, in the Facts column, click Add. It brings up a menu, selects an event type, and selects a type of fact or event. You can also create a type of event if it is not listed by clicking on “Custom Event”.

Now you can enter the information and then click on “Add”. You have the check box to denote if there are duplicate facts by making it “Preferred”. In case of the listed fact is not made preferred, the event that was entered first will show up on your family tree, though both preferred and unpreferred events will be a part of the person’s facts.

Ancestry Membership

When you entered all the information you knew, the next step is to get a paid membership of and now search for the records. If you do not get the membership, you would have access to only free records. The membership gives you access to unlimited records which includes census, birth, marriage, death, and immigration records.

Benefits Of Ancestry Membership

Once you buy the Ancestry membership, you can view records on Ancestry. It has more than 25 billion records from 80 countries. These records have information that helps you know more about your ancestors and trace your family further back in time. You can choose from a variety of membership options to get access to different records.

You can see more than 100 million public family trees created by other members of Ancestry. Those people who have made their tree private on Ancestry will not show up.  It is quite possible to find your ancestors or a line of your family in other people’s family trees.

View Hints

Once you start adding people, you can start viewing Ancestry hints on people in your tree.

Send A Message To The Other Ancestry Member

To get help from the owner of another family tree, you can contact them. You can also send messages to those people on Ancestry who may have helpful information.

Search On Ancestry

You can navigate to the Search tab from any page on and click on “All Collections”.

If you want to auto-populate a search with information from your tree, you can search from a tree or profile page.

Search From A Tree 

You can click a person and then select Search.

Search From A Profile Page

Click Search in the top-right corner from the profile page of someone in your tree.

Search Results

The search result could be categorized by records (individual records) and categories (showing types of records. You can select the tabs in the top-right corner of your search results. Once you get the results, the best match will be at the top of the list.


If you want to share your family tree with another person on ancestry, you can click on “Share” to share your tree.

Your Profile

Your Information that you enter your profile on Ancestry can be used by other Ancestry members to find you.

Finding A Specific Record

If you are looking for a specific record, the card catalog will help you. To get the card catalog, click on the Search tab and select “Card Catalog”. You can look for the “Title” and “Keywords” fields in the top-left corner.

Search By Location

Click on the Search tab and select All Collections. When you go on the search page, click on Show more options to expand the number of facts you are searching by.

So, in this post, you learned how to make a family tree online. Even after this, if you have any questions then you can call the family tree maker support phone number. Making a family tree online is not a difficult task if you have the knowledge.


In this post, you learned how to make a family tree online on We describe this topic step by step so that you don’t face any issues. If still, you face any issues then you can call our tech team any time. We have 24/7 customer support.

For getting instant help call the family tree maker support number +1-800-697-1474.

FAQ Questions: Family Tree Online

#Q1. How do I create a family tree online?

Ans: If you want to create a family tree online then first collect the information about your family. Choose a template for you. Uses lines to show the connections between family members. Save and share your family tree.

#Q2. What is the best family tree online?

Ans: The best family trees online are Ancestry Family Tree, My Heritage, FindMyPast, and Family Tree.

#Q3. How can I print my entire family tree?

Ans: For printing your entire family tree go to any page of Then click on the family tree and choose the view that you want to print. Either tree view or pedigree view. After that, click on the print button.

#Q4. What is the best program to create a family tree?

Ans: There are so many programs to create a family tree like 1. Family Historian, 2., 3. Family Tree Heritage, 4. Legacy Family Tree.

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