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Troubleshooting & Live Chat

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troubleshooting family tree makerFamily Tree Maker Troubleshooting

Here we have some main issues and their solutions so that you can easily get all the solutions to your problems. Family Tree Maker is also a software and like other software, it also faces some issues. That is why we bring family tree maker troubleshooting & live chat options for you. So you can get an easy way to resolve your issue regarding your family tree maker software. The family Tree Maker Chat option is always available for our customers.

What Am I Able To Do Troubleshooting My Family Tree Maker?

There are many factors that affect program functionality and there are many various reasons that your program may need issues. Thereupon in mind, if you’re having problems with genealogy Maker, please see the articles and steps outlined below to assist resolve the program issues.

Note: The articles linked below will open during a new window to raised aid you during this process. you’ll close these windows and return to the present article at any time.

  • These articles are designed to unravel a spread of problems. However, not all the articles give the solutions to your issues. Please, read the summary of every solution to seek out if it’s an applicable solution to your problem.
  • This article only applies to genealogy Maker for the PC. If you would like assistance with a Mac version please click here.
  • We recommend creating a backup of your file before continuing with any of those processes.
  • If your PC or MAC meets the minimum requirements then the Family Tree Maker will only work correctly.

Family Tree Maker Troubleshooting Points

For additional problem-solving options see the various sections listed below if you meet the system requirements and still have problems with the Family Tree Maker. This article discusses the following:

  • Repairing a family tree Maker File
  • Checking for Updates
  • Family Tree Maker Encountered a mistake and wishes to shut
  • Family Tree Maker Crashes
  • Installing Family Tree Maker
  • Uninstalling Family Tree Maker
  • Manually Uninstalling Family Tree Maker
  • Performing a Clean Boot

Repairing a Family Tree Maker File

Often file damage occurs during a family file through merging unchecked files, improper shut-downs of genealogy Maker or Windows, a virus, or inserting damaged data into the file. this will cause a spread of issues with merging, reports, importing/exporting, also as a spread of other problems. For information on repairing a genealogy Maker file, please click on the subsequent link for detailed instructions: How am I able to repair a Family Tree Maker file?

Checking For Updates

Family Tree Maker is often updated to enhance the merchandise and to repair issues. to see for updates please click on the assistance button then select Check for Update within the sink menu. genealogy Maker will then automatically check for updates. If you’ve got a mistake that says “You must be logged on as an administrator,” please click on the subsequent link for detailed instructions:

Family Tree Maker Encountered A Mistake Or Stopped Working

The “Family Tree Maker has encountered a mistake and wishes to close” and “Family Tree Maker has stopped working” messages are known to occur occasionally after genealogy Maker has been uninstalled then reinstalled or when a software patch has been installed to your software. Usually, these messages are caused by an old or corrupted genealogy Maker user configuration file. To resolve this issue, please click on the link below for detailed instructions: Family Tree Maker Crashes

Any application, regardless of how stable, crashes from time to time. However, if you’re having problems with genealogy Maker continually crashing, please click on the acceptable link below for detailed instructions:

How Can I Uninstall Family Tree Maker?

Sometimes program issues are often solved by simply uninstalling then reinstalling the genealogy Maker program. For detailed instructions on uninstalling genealogy Maker, please click on the subsequent link:

To uninstall the family tree maker please follow the given steps:

  1. Close your genealogy program (family tree maker).
  2. After that, please press the window and R key together to open the run command window.
  3. Write appwiz.cpl in the run command window and click the Ok button or press the enter button.
  4. You will see the list of the installed programs on your PC or MAC.
  5. Click on the family tree maker and click uninstall.
  6. user account control warning pop-up dialogue box will appear.
  7. Click on the Yes.
  8. After clicking the Yes button your program will be uninstalled.

Manually Uninstalling Family Maker

If you’ve got uninstalled and reinstalled the genealogy Maker program and you’re still receiving errors, you’ll get to do a manual uninstall. This may manually remove all aspects of the program from your computer. If you want detailed information about how to uninstall the family tree maker then please click the given link: Manually Uninstalling genealogy Maker 2019

Note: After doing a manual uninstall we recommend reinstalling the program within the clean boot mode. Instructions for starting in clean boot mode are often found within the next section.

Performing a Clean Boot

When Windows starts up, many basic system processes, antivirus software, system utilities, and another software load also. Sometimes these applications and services may interfere with program installation and/or running. Loading your computer during a clean boot starts Windows with a minimal set of drivers and startup programs and may help troubleshoot any issues. For detailed instructions on performing a clean boot, please click on the subsequent link:

How to perform a clean boot of Windows?

I’ve tried the above, but I’m still having issues with genealogy Maker. After browsing the steps and articles reference above, if you’re still experiencing issues with genealogy Maker, please click here to contact our Tech Support Team.

This is done for this troubleshooting section,  for the rest stay tuned with us. You can also do a live chat for troubleshooting with our tech team. If you are facing any problem and want instant support or help then you can also call the family tree maker support number.

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How To Use Family Tree Maker Live Chat?

troubleshooting family tree makerFor using the family tree maker live chat first go to then check the right side bottom. There you will get a live chat option. Click on that, and a new popup window will be open. Enter your name, email address, phone number, and your question. After that click on the start chat button. Congratulation you start a live chat successfully. After clicking the live chat button you will be connected with the technician team.


In this post, we tell about the family tree maker troubleshooting and live chat. If you have any issues then how can you overcome those problems? Apart from this, we also tell you what you are able to do by troubleshooting. For example: if you want to install family tree maker 2019 manually and you did not do so. Then you can try family tree maker troubleshooting or live chat.

If you have any issues then you can call the family tree maker phone number. If you want a chat option then you can use the family tree maker support chat option.

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FAQ Questions On FTM Troubleshooting

#Q1. Is family tree maker discontinued?

Ans: Family Tree Maker software is still continued. You can purchase the latest version of the family tree maker which is family tree maker 2019.

#Q2. What has happened to Family Tree Maker?

Ans: Company decided that they did not support family tree maker sync. For this, customers have to upgrade their old versions.

#Q3. How do I update Family Tree Maker?

Ans: Go to your account and click on the help section there you will get the update option.

#Q4. Does family tree maker work with Big Sur?

Ans: Yes, the family tree maker works with Big Sur. On September 28, 2019, the company released family tree maker 2019. In November 2020 Apple released the Mac Big Sur.