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3 Simple Steps For Adding People In RootsMagic Software

adding people in rootsmagic software - 3 simple steps
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Adding People In RootsMagic Software

Hello there, are you a RootsMagic software user and facing issues in adding people in RootsMagic software? Adding people in RootsMagic is not a difficult task but if you can’t do it yourself then let it be on us.

Here in this post, you will get simple steps for adding people in RootsMagic software. So read this article and learn how to add people in one of the best free genealogy software.

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What Is RootsMagic Software?

First of all, for those who don’t know what is RootsMagic, we want to tell them that it is a free genealogy program that is free to use. Due to its good performance, it has collected many awards. This software is used for searching family history and making a family tree.

Best Steps For Adding People In RootsMagic Software

When you start to add a person to your family tree, a pop-up will show on your computer screen. Then you need to insert the following information about the person.

  1. First of all enter the name, sex, and some basic information about the person.
  2. After this, you need to enter the following information that is given in the form.
  • Surname
  • Sex
  • Prefixes, like Dr or any other
  • Suffix, like a PhD
  • Nickname
  • Dates
  • Places

Once you fill all the information then click on the Ok button to save it. If you don’t want to save it then click on the cancel button.

Add Relatives (Spouse, Child, and Parents) In RootsMagic 8 Software

If you want to add your relatives like your spouse, child, and parents then you can also do this by following simple steps.

Adding Spouse

To add a spouse, just click on the plus button and select Add a spouse as a new person, and fill in the given form information. The information that you need to fill in is name, sex, places of birth, and death. If your spouse is not living then leave the living check box otherwise select the check box.

add a relative (spouse, child and parents)

Adding Child

For adding a child just repeat all the steps that you follow for adding a person or spouse in RootsMagic software.


This is how you can add people in RootsMagic software with simple steps. But if you still need any help then you can call the family tree maker support anytime 24/7.

To get instant help dial the FTM support number +1-800-697-1474. Don’t worry it is a toll-free number that’s why to feel free to call us. Apart from this, you can also get help in live chat for free. Our tech support team will give you the best solution regarding your issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: How can I add my child to RootsMagic?

Answer: For adding a person in RootsMagic software like a child, spouse, or father you need to click on the plus (+) sign button. After that, a menu will allow you to add a person. Then you need to insert some basic information about the person like its name (first and last), nickname, dob, and dob.

Question: How do you edit someone on RootsMagic?

Answer: Just right-click on the person name who’s you want to edit and click on the edit person. After that, you can edit the person easily.

Question: Can I use RootsMagic on more than one computer?

Answer: If you want to use RootsMagic software on more than one computer then we just want to tell you that you can use RootsMagic software only on one computer. You can take your Roots Magic software with you in a flash drive with the help of RootsMagic To Go.

Question:  What is the difference between RootsMagic and RootsMagic Essentials?

Answer: RootsMagic Essential is free to use and you can’t fix broken media links in it. RootsMagic is not free and with this, you will get free support. Apart from this, you can fix the broken media links.

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