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What’s New In FTM 2019 24.2 Update?

FTM 2019 New Update 24.2

Last updated on November 27th, 2023 at 05:06 am

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FTM 2019 New Update 24.2

Hello FTM 2019 users, there is good news for you. The MacKiev Software company released a new update for Family Tree Maker version 24.2. If you are also using the Family Tree Maker old version, then you can update it to FTM 2019 new update 24.2; this version is free for all FTM 2019 users.

If you want to know more about this version, please read this post. In this post, we will tell you all about FTM 2019 new update version 24.2 like what’s new in FTM 2019 24.2 update and how to get it.

FTM 2019 Version History

There are many versions of Family Tree Maker software, but if we talk about version 24, then there are four versions of update 24 which are:

  1. Version 24.0 (released initially) was released in October 2019.
  2. Version 24.0.1 was released in November 2019. It is also known as the first free update.
  3. Version 24.1 was released in August 2022. It is the second free update.
  4. Version 24.2 was released on February 2023, the third free update.

You can check the family tree maker versions if you want to know about the versions.

About FTM 2019 New Update 24.2

This new 24.2 update is significant to all FTM 2019 users facing syncing and FamilySearch browsing issues. In addition, in this latest update, 24.2, the company released a new managing relationship tool that allows users to edit multiple relationships easily.

With this new update, users will get critical bug fixes and many new features. Some of them all already included before versions 24.0.1 and 24.1 updates.

Who Can Use This New Update 24.2?

This new update is recommended for all the users of FTM 2019. In this update, you will get the critical updates for:

  1. Syncing with ancestry
  2. Using FamilySearch features
  3. TreeVault Antenna trees
  4. Other important fixes

What Should You Do Before Updating FTM 2019?

Before updating your Family Tree Maker 2019 software, please check the given points.

FTM 2019 Is Installed On Your System

Please check that you have installed FTM 2019 on your system because the updater will look for version 24.0 and version 24.1 before installing.

Sync Your Family Trees

If you have successfully synced your family tree, sync again before running the new update 24.2 of Family Tree Maker 2019.

Back-Up Your Trees

Before updating your FTM 2019, please back up your family trees. If you don’t know how to take a backup of a tree, click here.

How To Get FTM 2019 New Update 24.2?

Now the main concern comes with how to get this new free update of FTM 2019. Don’t worry; we’ll tell you how to get this. You can get Family Tree Maker 2019 latest free update through two options.

Email Notifications

You will get an email notification from the company if you have already installed FTM 2019 on your system. In the email, you will get a download link for Family Tree Maker 2019 new update version 24.2.

Update Center

You could check this free update directly at the update center if you did not get any mail.

After this, following the on-screen instructions lets you quickly get the free download link to update to version 24.2.

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You can quickly get FTM 2019 new update version, 24.2, for free. If you need any help then you can call us anytime at our toll-free number +1-800-697-1474. We will give you the best support within a few minutes. You can also use our live chat support service from our site.


Question 1. What is the latest version of FTM?

Answer: The latest version of Family Tree Maker software is FTM 2019. Recently the Software Mackiev company released its latest free update version 24.2 for all FTM 2019 users.

Question 2. Does FTM have an app?

Answer: Yes, FTM has an app named FTM Connect. It is a companion app for family tree maker software. With this app, users can view their family tree on their Android devices and smartphones from anywhere anytime.

Question 3. Is Family Tree Maker based in Ukraine?

Answer: Family Tree Maker is the most known software of the Mackiev company and its headquarters is in Boston.

Question 4. Can I upgrade the family tree maker from 2014 to 2019?

Answer: Yes, you can upgrade your family tree maker from 2014 to 2019 anytime. Now you can get FTM 2019 latest updated free update version 24.2 for free. For more information, please visit our site or call +1-800-697-1474.

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