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How To Update Family Tree Maker 2017?

family tree maker 2017 update
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Hello everyone, welcome to our new blog post. As we told you or you read in our previous posts about family tree maker 2017. In this post, we are going to tell you how to do update your family tree maker 2017. It is a very popular genealogy software and now you can also get the family tree maker 2019, the latest version.

Seeing the popularity of FTM 2017 we think that we should tell the people about the family tree maker 2017 update that you can also download free. So we write this post for our customers. Stay connected with us because this post is going to be beneficial for you.

Family Tree Maker 2017 Version History

Before going ahead first we want to tell you about the FTM 2017 version history. All these version updates are free to download. Please check the given version history.

  • Original version of FTM was released on July 2017 that is version 23.0 (Build 343).
  • The first free version launched on February 2018 that is version 23.1 (Build 480).
  • Second free version launched on September 2018 that is version 23.2 (Build 540).
  • The third free version launched on December 2019 that is version 23.3 (Build 570).

These are the free version that was updated by MacKiev and was sent free updates to the user.

Version 23.3 Update

In this post, we will talk about the free version 23.3 update. Apart from this, we also tell you who can use this update and what you know about before updating. This version (23.3) is strongly recommended for all the FTM 2017 users. This version has a lot of improvements that were also included in FTM 2019.

Who Can Download This Update?

Users who installed the previous version (23.0, 23.1, or 23.2) can download this free update from the update center.

What Do You Get In The 23.3 Update Version?

As we told you in the previous paragraph that it is a required update for family tree maker 2017. You will get some important updates that are given below.

  • In this free update you will get data security as given in family tree maker 2019.
  • Ancestry and family search compatibility.
  • Easy return enabling to green sync weather.
  • Fix important issues that also fix in FTM 2019.

Check Before You Update FTM 2017

If you are going to update your family tree maker 2017 software then please check some points before updating.

  • Make sure that family tree maker 2017 is installed on your pc.
  • Take a backup of your family trees before doing the update. If you don’t know how to take a backup of your tree then click here.

Getting The 23.3 Free Update

Now you can download the 23.3 update file from the update center. You can run the updater by following simple instructions.

Running The Updater 23.3

After downloading the free 23.3 version update file from the update center, you can easily run the update file. Just double click on the .exe file and after that, the installer will automatically run. Follow the instructions and download the update file successfully.

Need Help

If you need any kind of help then contact the family tree maker support or use the family tree maker live chat option. You can call us at +1-800-697-1474.

FAQ On Family Tree Maker 2017 Update

If you want to get a family tree maker 2017 update and have some queries then here we give an FAQ on the family tree maker 2017 update. Please check them and get the best and short answer to your questions.

#Q1. Is there an update to FTM 2017?

Ans: Yes, you can download the free update version 23.3 for your FTM 2017.

#Q2. Is family tree maker 2017 Windows 10 compatible?

Ans: Yes, FTM 2017 is Windows 10 compatible.

#Q3. Does family tree maker 2019 sync with ancestry?

Ans: Yes, family tree maker 2019 is easily synced with ancestry.

#Q4. Can I transfer the family tree maker to a new computer?

Ans: Yes, you can transfer the family tree maker to a new computer. A new computer may be a combination of a Mac operation system or a Windows operating system.

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