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What Is Sync Weather Report For FTM 2017 & FTM 2019?

Sync weather report

Last updated on December 10th, 2021 at 05:07 am

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Sync Weather Report

This blog will provide you with the relevant information regarding the Sync weather report and how to Return to Green Sync Weather. And if you would like to know about sync weather status then definitely you will have all your queries resolved. There’s good news for the users of Family Tree Maker; the free 24.0.1 update will bring return with a normal sync weather condition.

What Is The 24.0.1 Update All About?

This is a free update patch for the users of FTM 2019, which installs all the important modifications that have been developed together with the data source partners Ancestry and FamilySearch.

Please Follow The Steps Below

  • The Ancestry ‘Orange Status – This update eliminates the undesired effects of syncing for the second time after failing sync for the first time. This prompts the users to go to the orange status for about 5 weeks. So after you install the update then you can go to resume the syncing option as if the weather was already green, although this wouldn’t happen for a few days at least.
  • The FamilySearch – This update provides a matching modification to the ones made by FamilySearch. Among all the other things this will help you to avoid the overwhelming servers. So after a short while when this update goes live, the FamilySearch will start making the changes on their ends. After which an update will be required for FamilySearch features to begin working.
  • If you would like more information regarding the 24.0.1 update then give a click here.

After applying for the free 24.0.1 update, only the FTM 2019 will return to the normal sync weather conditions. However, the work is in the process of completing a similar update for the users of FTM 2017, so that they too can get back to the green weather but this will take a few more weeks to go.

Now if you have been waiting for the green weather in FTM 2017 after you purchased FTM 2019 to sync before you install the new edition then now you need not wait anymore.

Here Is What To Do

  • All you are required to do now is to compact and back up your trees in FTM 2017.
  • You need to download and install FTM 2019 and then carry on from where you left off in the new edition.
  • After that, any changes made to your FTM 2017 should sync normally whenever you open your tree in FTM 2019.

Information For Understanding The Sync Weather 

  • If you have a question of why the red sync weather happens; then you should know that the monitoring points around the globe tell if there are any sort of interruptions in the connections between FTM 2017 & 2019 and Ancestry.
  • Even if there is the smallest interruption, then you need to go to the red weather status and block the sync activity for about 5 minutes at least. However, if there are no interruptions then you just need to go to the orange weather status for about one hour and after that return to green.

Family Tree Maker Support information

So now we hope that the above guide and information helps to answer all your queries regarding the Sync weather report. But if you still have some other related then feel free to dial the experts at Family Tree Maker Support Number. And the technicians will instruct you further with the appropriate solutions.

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