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Family Tree Maker Support | Best Place For Family Tree Maker

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Welcome to the family tree maker support. As we know, Family tree maker is a very popular genealogy software. It is used by a lot of people all over the world. Currently, people used its latest version family tree maker 2017 & family tree maker 2019.

As we know that it is a software and we all know that sometimes software’s are not working properly. If you are using family tree maker software or any other genealogy software then sometimes you may need help. Isn’t it, it is?

That’s why in this post, we tell you where you can get the best support for your genealogy software.

What Is Family Tree Maker Support?

It is an independent company that resolve all the issues regarding genealogy software like family tree maker, Roots Magic, ancestry, and so on.

So if you want such a place where you can get the best support for your genealogy software then check family tree maker support once. It gives the best solution in just a single call.

Family Tree Maker Support’s Services

Three types of services are provided by Family Tree Maker Support. The first is chat support, the second is call support, and the last one is remote support. In the coming paragraph, we will tell you a piece of in-depth information about family tree maker support services. So read the full article.

Services Of Family Tree Maker Support

FTM support services are given below:

Chat Support

family tree maker chat support

It is a free service. If you want any help then you can use the family tree maker live chat support service. In this service, you can chat with our tech support team. Using Family Tree Maker live chat is very simple & easy. You just go to and go to the right side bottom. You will see the chat option. Click on that fill the information and click on start a live chat. Your chat will be started.

In chat support, you can ask any question to our tech team members. Our tech team members are always ready to help our customers. That’s why we have 24/7 customer support so that our customers can connect with us at any time.

Call Support

family tree maker call support

You can use our call support service. In this service, you can call us any time and direct connect with our tech team. For this, you just call our support number and ask for any query from our tech team. Our family tree maker support number is +1-800-697-1474.

Remote Support

family tree maker remote supportThe last and the best service is remote support. If you are unable to tell us the problem or did not understand the solution on call or chat support then use this service. This service is used for complicated situations. In this service, our tech support team members will take remote access to your computer.

They recognize the problem of your genealogy software. Once they get the problem then they tell you the problem. If you want to resolve that problem then you can ask us to resolve that.


This is all about the family tree maker support. If still, you have any query then you can check our FAQ question section given in this post. You can also call the family tree maker support number or contact us. FAQ questions will help you to find out your answer in a short form. It is also the best way to find out your answers.

FAQ Questions

#Q1. Is family tree maker still supported?

Ans: Yes, family tree maker is still supported and now it is supported by the software Mackiev.

#Q2. Has family tree maker been discontinued?

Ans: When ancestry announced that they discontinued the family tree maker then a lot of angry people filled their mailbox with messages. But some older versions are discontinued, new versions are still working and support.

#Q3. How do I update my family tree maker?

Ans: If you are a registered user then go to about, you will see the update option there.

#Q4. How much is family tree maker 2019?

Ans: For the full price of family tree maker 2019, you have to pay $79.95. The upgrading price is $59.95 and the current upgrading price is $49.95.

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