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Top 7 Best Free Pedigree Maker In 2023

pedigree maker
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Do you want to know about a free family pedigree maker? If yes then stay tuned with us in this post. Because in this post, we will tell you the best 7 free pedigree makers that you will like most. But first who doesn’t know what is pedigree maker read below:

What Is The Pedigree Maker?

A pedigree chart is a chart or diagram that represents the relation of your family. You can put the pics and other records in this pedigree chart.

Online Pedigree Maker

In this article, we’ll discuss the online pedigree maker. You may draw a pedigree chart and export it as an image on these websites. You can customize certain pedigree factors and then produce a chart for yourself. All of the websites I’ve included here allow you to generate a pedigree chart for a family or a small group of people in a specific location. You can study or do whatever you like with the pedigree chart once it’s finished. You can start making a chart without registering an account on some websites by supplying basic criteria. Additionally, in order to utilize some of these websites, you will need to create a free account.

Genetics is a discipline of biology that uses pedigree analysis extensively. Essentially, a pedigree chart is used to examine the qualities of the many features passed down across generations. It’s similar to a family tree chart, but it’s used to investigate the genetic characteristics of a family. It also differs from a family tree in that it can be used to evaluate the features of a small population in a specific location.

There are many symbols that indicate various attributes of the person, much as there are in a flow chart. If you are a high school student or work in the field of genetics, you will be required to make a pedigree chart on a regular basis.

You can utilize the following tools for project purposes or to research a population. To construct a pedigree chart and link them together, simply go to the pedigree chart maker interface and use various symbols. Males, females, children, mating, dominant traits, recessive traits, and other parameters can all be simply represented.

7 Best Free Online Pedigree Maker Sites

Here we will tell you the 5 best free online pedigree chart maker sites that you can use to make your pedigree chart.

All these pedigree charts are online and free to use. Please read the full article and get full knowledge about these free pedigree maker charts.

RootsMagic Essentials

If you are searching for the best free pedigree maker then RootsMagic Essentials is one of the best options for you. It is an award-winning genealogy program that people used to make their family trees for free.

The latest version of RootsMagic Software is RootsMagic 9. You can easily download RootsMagic 9 or upgrade your RootsMagic 8 software easily.

Legacy Family Tree

Legacy is also a very popular genealogy program in the genealogy world. You can also try legacy family tree as a free family tree builder. Check the legacy family tree versions and choose the best for you.

Family Tree Builder

Family tree builder is known as the best pedigree maker. It helps you with your family history research and making a free family tree. You can download family tree builder for free. With this software, you will get powerful family tree software, smart technology for matches and beautiful charts, and many more best features.

Genial Pedigree Draw

The genial pedigree draw is the famous free online pedigree maker that is used by a lot of people. It is also available as software, but only the web version is free. And that’s what I’ll be talking about here. It allows you to create a pedigree chart by gradually adding different components. You may construct and export your pedigree chart with a few simple clicks. Add various pedigree shapes and then connect them in any way you desire. You may make the chart as big as you want it to be, and you can utilize tools like zoom and pan to help you with the process.

It’s quite easy to use this tool to make a pedigree chart. You only need to register for a free account on the website and then begin designing your chart. Simply name your chart, and it will take you to the primary work area. After that, you can choose to create a family or a new entry by right-clicking there. After then, you may begin constructing the lineage by combining the various shapes. Simply click on a node to expand it, then select from the alternatives that appear. Continue to make the chart until you’re satisfied with it, then save it as an image. To export it, click the print symbol in the top right corner.

Free Online Pedigree Tool

The Free Online Pedigree Tool is a basic but effective tool for creating a pedigree chart from the ground up. It allows you to construct a free pedigree chart and then export it as an image from this page. This online free pedigree tool asks you for a list of pedigree parameters before allowing you to construct a pedigree chart.

It normally takes details like the chart name, details of other players, and the proband as input parameters. You can enter information such as the number of sisters and brothers the proband has, the number of sons and daughters the proband has, and other details. Finally, it will take you to the main work area and display the finished pedigree chart.

To use this free online pedigree chart creator, simply click on the link provided above. Because there is no need to register, you can simply choose the pedigree builder tool and begin generating the chart. It will next ask you for further information in order to produce a pedigree chart. To enter all of the information it requests, and it will create the final pedigree chart for you. You can also use the tool’s editor to label it. Finally, once it’s finished, you can simply save it as an image.

Pedigree Chart Creator

Pedigree Chart Creator is a simple web tool that allows you to generate a pedigree chart using the information you provide. It usually requires you to enter the list of pedigree participants, as well as their gender, condition, proband, and some other optional factors like date of birth, comments, and name. You can select up to 5 members in the pedigree by default, but you can raise this number. The pedigree chart you specified will subsequently be generated for you. However, if you merely supply the details, it will not display the chart. When you export the pedigree chart, you’ll see the final version.

You do not need to create an account to use this website. Using the above URL, go to its homepage and fill out the pedigree parameters. You will be taken to a page that looks like a form, where you must fill out the information. Some fields, such as gender, mother, father, and condition, are required. There are also some extra options such as date of birth, comment, sort order, and so on. By default, it allows you to fill up the form with the information for five persons, but you may expand it by adding five more rows, and so on. To do so, press the “Add 5-row” button. Finally, click the “Create Pedigree” button to generate the final chart, which you can then download.

Canva: Free Pedigree Maker

You can also use Canva, which is a free online pedigree chart builder. Despite the fact that creating a pedigree chart is a time-consuming process, I continue to list it. You can utilize Canva, which is a popular online graphics creation tool. Build anything using this tool, including charts. You can make a pedigree chart and export it using the tools in the editor of this programme. Use the shapes tool to create a pedigree chart. You may make a simple or sophisticated pedigree chart, which you can then export. However, because you must manually organize each component of the pedigree chart, this may take some time.

To use Canva, you must first register a free account before beginning to build a pedigree chart. Start by creating a blank canvas and then adding pedigree chart components to it. Utilize squares, circles, lines, and other shapes. You can use these to create your own pedigree chart, which you can then easily export. You may save your design as an image using Canvas.


These are the best free pedigree maker websites I’ve come across. You can use any of the websites on this list to construct a bespoke pedigree chart by specifying a few parameters. Some of these services require you to create a free account before you can begin, while others only require you to produce a pedigree chart. This list may come in handy if you’re seeking for a free online pedigree chart generator.

If you face any issues regarding genealogy software then call the family tree maker support number at +1-800-697-1474. You can use the family tree maker live chat.

FAQ Questions: Pedigree Maker

#Q1. How do you create a pedigree?

Ans: Best practice for starting a pedigree is to start your pedigree with your father and mother. Then create branches after that add family members. In such a way, you can create a pedigree easily.

#Q2. Who is the oldest in a pedigree?

Ans: The oldest pedigree is about 5000 years old.

#Q3. How do I create a pedigree chart in Word?

Ans: Open Word and select the insert tab and click on the art icon. Select a hierarchy for creating a pedigree. Click on the shape and line to create a pedigree in a word.

#Q4. Is square male or female in a pedigree?

Ans: The square represents a male and the circle represents a female in a pedigree.

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