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Download The Best Free Genealogy Software – RootsMagic Essentials

rootsmagic essentials

Last updated on November 22nd, 2023 at 09:42 am

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Root Magic Essentials

RootsMagic software is a free genealogy software and today we discuss its famous version RootsMagic Essentials. Root Magic Essentials gives a bunch of instruments for planning genealogy. It is best for you if you are looking for a free version.

You can say that it is the best free genealogy software program. You can use it to share your family history.

It checks the family roots from their earliest starting points with primary headings and a brilliant design. All of these things make it an award-winning genealogy program. In addition, the program seemed to offer an extraordinary component in its basic webpage-making wizard.

RootsMagic is a free family tree builder with core features. However, RootsMagic Essentials is a point of interaction and had us snared every step of the way. It is an essential edition of genealogy software and effectively enters data implied.

We didn’t expect to counsel the program’s academic help records. Nevertheless, one of its most grounded suits was the tree’s capacity to make holes in information self-evident.

On the off chance that an extraordinary distant uncle was feeling the loss, the clear passage was encircled by other relatives with whom we could investigate and ideally track down the response.

Root Magic Essentials is eventually worth the effort due to the supportive instruments.  First, the program provides a basic framework for delineating our family’s ancestry after you can enter birth and demise dates, photographs, primary residences, and other significant data, which framed a trap of subtleties that make a good family image.

Download And Install Root Magic Essentials

Please follow the given steps for downloading RootsMagic Essentials software.

  • Root Magic Essentials homepage asks for the user name and Email address. Hence able to send the newsletter with the latest information via mail. Either, you can skip the form and click on the download button.
  • The setup file size is 17 MB. Root Magic Essentials and Root Magic standards are absolutely the same in size because both are the same application. Root Magic Essentials and Root Magic standards are the same in size because both are the same application.
  • You should have a product registration key to upgrade from Root Magic Essential to Root Magic Standard.

If It Shows Memory Issues

You must check that the Roots Magic file is installed but not ready to run the setup file. However, you can take support from eh tech support team or free some space from your hard drive.

Difference between Root Magic Essentials and Standard Editions

Let’s discuss some features to understand the capabilities


RootsMagic Essentials can export PAF, Family Origin, Legacy family tree, and family Tree Maker Classic.  Somehow not only just import and export To GEDCOM.


You can easily take a backup of your data. On a regular basis, you can restore the copies of your data basis. It is really important for you. 


Root Magic seems constantly working on its fundamental features. For example, Root Magic also checks for duplicate details if a person adds his information to the database.

Search And Replace

It is a feature only in standard editions to search and replace misspelled characters. I Hope Essentials will also have this feature soon.

Source Templates

RootsMagic Essentials merged initial support for multimedia. However, the source templates feature is not available in RootsMagic Essentials. However, standard editions have the feature of source Templates.


I hope this article is helpful as we discussed Root Magic Essentials and its Specification. For further assistance, you can call us at +1-800-697-1474. You will get support via chat with experts 24*7.

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