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RootsMagic 9 Has Been Released – Check What’s New In RootsMagic 9

rootsmagic 9

Last updated on November 27th, 2023 at 05:13 am

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RootsMagic 9

Hello RootsMagic users, we are excited to inform you that the company released RootsMagic’s latest version RootsMagic 9. As we know that RootsMagic is an award-winning genealogy program, and the version RootsMagic 8 is also prevalent. But now you can update your Roots Magic 8 with Roots Magic 9. So if you want to update RootsMagic or download RootsMagic 9 software, you can go through with this post.

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In this post, you will get all the details related to Roots Magic 9, like what’s new in Roots Magic 9 and how to purchase it.

So let’s begin the topic with Roots Magic 9 introduction.

What Is RootsMagic 9?

RootsMagic 9 is the latest or newest version of the award-winning genealogy software Roots Magic.

Roots Magic 9 Released Date

The release date of Roots Magic 9 is 27th February 2023.

System Requirements

This version is for Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS operating systems.

What’s New In RootsMagic 9?

Roots Magic 9 has some impressive features that we will discuss in this post. This version is also for the free and popular RootsMagic Essentials but for a limited time. This offer is for both new and old users.

  1. Associations feature: This feature gives you more flexibility to track your relationship with your associate like your friends and neighbors.
  2. Color code sets and color labeling features: This feature helps you to identify your different branches providing them with different colors.
  3. Save and reuse search criteria: With this feature, you can easily check your previous searches and save time.
  4. New database tools: RootsMagic 9 provides you the new database tools that provide you the facility to identify the errors in your family tree and help you to correct your family tree.
  5. New note editor with spell-checking features: As the name shows, this feature provides you a powerful tool to check your spelling mistakes and correct them.
  6. Available for both (32-bit and 64-bit) formats: You can use Roots Magic 9 for both systems (32-bit and 64-bit). This means now you don’t need to check the downloader format before downloading RM 9.
  7. Faster and new look: RM 9 provides you a new look with faster speed. This means now you can make your family tree faster.
  8. New book for user guidance: With Roots Magic 9, now you can get a new user guide for user guidance so that you can easily make your family tree without any issues.
  9. All new videos for users to understand how it works: For your help, with RM 9 you will get all new videos related to the family tree. In the video, you will get many tutorials like how to getting start with RootsMagic 9 and what’s new in RootsMagic 9. All this gives you in-depth knowledge about RM9.

All these new features are included in Roots Magic 9.

Price Of Roots Magic 9

If we talk about its price, then it usually is available for $39.95, but if you purchase Roots Magic 9 right now, then you will get a discounted offer in which you will get it only for $20. So buy the award-winning genealogy programs at a discounted price and save money.

Get a special 50% discount

And if you are an exciting user, you can upgrade RootsMagic software for only $29.95.

How To Purchase?

If you want to purchase it or want to upgrade it, then please follow the given instructions.

  1. First, open
  2. After opening this site, you will see some fields you must fill in.
  3. Enter the group code if you have one. It is optional.
  4. From Choose a license, check the box that you want. For example, if you are a new user, choose a new license; if you are an exciting user, select an upgrade.
  5. After that, choose the delivery method. Here you will get two delivery options, USB drive and download, and the second only download. You must pay $10 plus shipping charges with a USB drive and download. And if you choose the download-only option, then it is free.
  6. You can also choose any add-ons with your Roots Magic 9. Here you have two add-ons, personal historian, which costs $19.95, and the second is the family atlas, whose price is also $19.95. So in both add-ons, you will save $10.

Gift Option

You can also purchase it as a gift for someone.

Note: You can also order it by your phone. You can also return it if you don’t like it. You can return it within 30 days. To check the refund policy, please click here.



This is all about RootsMagic 9. If you need help downloading and Installing Roots Magic 9, you can call us at +1-800-697-1474. This is our toll-free number, so feel free to contact us.

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