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Fixing Family Tree Maker Sync Issue With Ancestry

ftm sync issue with ancestry
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Are you facing a family tree maker sync issue with ancestry? If yes then read this post, here you will get the best steps on how to fix the FTM sync issue with ancestry.

There are several reasons for the family tree builder sync issue with ancestry or going offline.

3 Reasons Behind FTM Sync Issue With Ancestry

Some of the common reasons, we’ll tell you in this post. Please read them and understand the reason for the family tree maker sync issue with the ancestry.

Changed Your Profile Details

If you did any changes to your profile and then you are login with the old details then it is also a reason the family tree maker stopped syncing with ancestry. Like if you changed your email id and now you are using the old email id then your family tree stops syncing with ancestry.

Using Expired Antivirus

If you are using an expired antivirus then maybe it also stops the communication between the family tree maker and the internet so please check your antivirus from time to time and update that. You can also delete or uninstall the expired antivirus.

Check Your Update From The Mackiev

Mackiev occasionally sends you updates. So make sure that check for the update notifications. If you are using an old version then maybe due to this your family tree maker stop syncing with ancestry.


These were some reasons due to these reasons you faced the FTM Sync issue with ancestry. So check all these points from time to time. If still, you are facing any syncing issues problems then you can freely contact us at any time.

For getting instant support, you can directly call us at our toll-free number +1-800-697-1474. You can also use family tree maker live chat for free support.

FAQ Questions About FTM Sync Issue

#Q1. Is Family Tree Maker discontinued?

Ans: Family Tree Maker is still working but you have to upgrade your old family tree maker into new family tree maker versions like family tree maker 2017 or family tree maker 2019.

#Q2. How do I upgrade my family tree maker?

Ans: For updating your family tree maker first register in Mackiev. Click on the about option under the help drop-down option. Check your software version if there is any update then you can update your family tree maker.

#Q3. Does family tree maker sync with FamilySearch?

Ans: Family Tree Maker automatically searches the FamilySearch database.

#Q4. How do I update family tree maker 2006?

Ans: You can download family tree maker 2016. It is free to download. For updating this, just click on the help center and check for updates. If there is any updates available then it automatically downloads and installs them.

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