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Ancestry Services In Older Editions

ancestry services in older editions
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Do you want to know about the Ancestry services in older editions? Then you will get the information through this blog to find your answer. In this post, we will talk about ancestry services in older editions.

The Retirement Of Ancestry Connection Services

The older editions such as FTM 2014.1 for Windows, FTM 3.1 for Mac, and the earlier versions:

  • In the year of March 2017, there was an announcement by MacKiev made together with Ancestry on the retirement of TreeSync and its replacement with FamilySync. The announcement was also that going forward; Ancestry connection services such as sync, Ancestry hints, search, and merge features would be available only in version FTM 2017.
  • However, it was clear, that getting the new system ready was going to take longer than planned. Ancestry volunteered to temporarily keep all the connection services apart from sync running until FTM 2017 is not completed.
  • And when FTM 2017 was officially released, then on July 17, 2017 ancestry hints, search, merge and all other features of the required Ancestry connection were retired for the older editions. Therefore you will now find all these connection services available only on FTM 2017.

List Of Retired Services

  • You will find that in all the other older versions. ‘Login to Ancestry’ is now permanently in the logged-out state. And addition to this, the application will appear to be in offline mode. Therefore cannot switch on to the online mode using the ‘File’ menu. Now below you will find a list of Ancestry functions that are no longer available in the older editions.

Ancestry Services In FTM 2017 (Retired The Older Editions)

Ancestry Services available in older editions are given below:

  • Hints
  • Search
  • Sync
  • Upload (To Ancestry with or without linking)
  • Download (This is from Ancestry, with or without linking)
  • Ancestry Academy (Video tutorials found from the ‘Help’ menu)
  • Maps (You can find it in the ‘Places’ workspace)
  • Check for updates (For Mac 3.1 that still works)
  • Publish online (found in MyCanvas)
  • Web Dashboard (in the Ancestry account info and links)

Choosing Family Tree Maker 2017?

Now if you are using an older edition of FTM, and therefore would like to resume using Ancestry connection services. Then you can easily do so right away. All you are required to do is purchase a discounted upgrade to FTM 2017. You can purchase software from MacKiev. After doing so you can check through the newsletter that you will receive after the sign-up.


Nevertheless, if you face any difficulty in ancestry services, or need help with anything related then you can directly call up the Family Tree Maker Support Number without any hesitation. Our technician will assist you and will set up everything for you. So what are you looking for take your phone and dial +1-800-697-1474?

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