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Next Of Kin Meaning And Use In Family Tree Maker 2019

next to kin
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What Does Next Of Kin Mean?

If you are using family tree maker 2019 then you have seen this feature. If you are thinking that what next of kin means then in this post we tell you about this. It is a feature of family tree maker 2019. In which you can assign control of your family tree to another person.

Countries have different like the United States has a legal definition of “next of kin” and necessarily a blood relative. A country like the UK may have also a legal definition and it is not a necessity to have a blood relative.

Why Next Of Kin Is Important?

It is a very important feature. This is like a will in which you assign legal documentation to your closest relative of your family tree control. It means after you that person keeps taking care of your family tree.

According to the next kin, a person who has control of a family tree has certain responsibilities such as making medical decisions, making funeral arrangements, and financial affairs.


This is all about next of kin. If you have any questions then you can contact the family tree maker support at +1-800-697-1474 at any time. We have 24/7 customer support and our tech support team will always be ready to help you. They give the best solution in just a single call. If you want free tech support then use the family tree maker live chat support service.

FAQ Questions

#Q1. What is the meaning of next of kin?

Ans: Next to kin is a feature of family tree maker 2019. With this, you can assign control of your family tree to the next generation or closest, or blood relative.

#Q2. Who is classed as Kinsman?

Ans: Classed means your nearest blood relative. Like your wife and your children.

#Q3. Is my boyfriend my next kin?

Ans: Next kin describes your closest living relatives like your spouse, your siblings, and your children.

#Q4. Can a friend be kinsman?

Ans: Often next kin should be husband, wife or civil partner, and the children. But if you have such a friend who is like a family then you can make him your kinsman.

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