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Which Is Best Ancestry Or FamilySearch?

ancestry vs familysearch
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If you are confused between Ancestry vs FamilySearch then read this post. Here we tell you a clear difference between both. However, both are very popular genealogy websites and are used by a lot of people.

But when it comes to choosing only one in between both then there is a little bit of confusion in customers’ minds that is which is best between ancestry and family search.

If you are thinking the same question then after reading this post, you will get your answer. So read the full article.

Ancestry Vs FamilySearch

If we talk about ancestry and family search then both are very popular websites. Both have some benefits and some limitations. Here in this post, we will tell you all about all of these. So that you have a clear understanding of which is best between Ancestry vs FamilySearch?

Difference Between Ancestry And FamilySearch

Here we give some points regarding ancestry and family search. Please check them and get the difference between both popular websites.

Ancestry is a popular and largest genealogy database container site. Apart from this, this website has some more amazing features we have given below.

Genealogical Data

Ancestry’s largest genealogical database helps customers search their ancestors’ records easily. With the help of these genealogical records, you can easily make your family tree.

Free Family Tree

Making a family tree with ancestry com is free of cost. It means you don’t need to pay a single penny for making a family tree. You don’t need to purchase an ancestry membership. A membership starts coming when you don’t have any record of your family. If you have your family details then you don’t need to purchase the ancestry subscription.

With an ancestry subscription, you can also view ancestry hints and suggestions about your family members or relatives.

DNA Testing

In ancestry, you can get an ancestry DNA test option that is very important to find out your more relatives. If you want to know more about your family then you can get an ancestry DNA test for just $99.

Historical Records

With an ancestry subscription, you can track your ancestors’ history back through the centuries by using historical records. It has records from 80 countries.

These are some main features that say you need to use


FamilySearch is a free website that is used for making family trees. You can easily make a family tree by using a family search without taking any person’s help. Here we give some features of family search that make it so popular.

  • Free to use
  • Easy to use
  • Historical records for finding ancestors
  • Largest family tree

Like ancestry family searches also have historical records. So these are some main features for those people who use FamilySearch.


This is all in Ancestry vs FamilySearch. I hope after reading this post you will be able to decide which is better ancestry or familysearch.

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