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Free Family Tree Online – Step-By-Step Guide

free family tree
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If you want to make a family tree without any cost then you can go through with this article. In this article, we will tell you how to make a free family tree using a family tree maker online. Before starting ahead, we just want to tell you what is family tree maker.

What Is A Family Tree Maker?

Family tree maker is a well-known name in the genealogy field. You can use a family tree to trace your family’s history over time. It’s a chart that traces your ancestors as far back as possible. Family trees frequently begin with the most recent generation and move backward from there. By using a family tree maker you can make a family tree easily and quickly.

How To Make A Free Family Tree?

It is a very easy task to do. For this, first, you have to use a family tree maker then start gathering information about your ancestors. Check your family history records like birth time, birthplace, photos, and marriage certificates, etc.

If you face any trouble doing this then you can join family history groups and genealogy societies to get more information. So that you can make a free family tree. If you want to make your family tree then you can make your family tree online by using the lucid chart or make a family tree using Canva. Except this, there are some more free family tree makers using them you can also make a free pedigree chart.

Is This Family Tree Maker Online Free?

As we told you in the above paragraph that there are some paid and free family tree creators that you can use for creating your own family tree. Here we will tell you about both (free and paid family tree makers).

Free Family Tree Makers

Here we give a list of free family tree makers, check them and choose the best one for you.

  1. FamilySearch
  2. Gramps
  3. WikiTree
  4. Family Echo
  5. Lucid Chart

Paid Family Tree Makers

Check the best-paid family tree creators for making a family tree easily.

  1. Family Tree Maker 2019
  2. Ancestry
  3. RootsMagic 8
  4. Legacy Family Tree
  5. Family Historian

Versions Of Family Tree Maker

Family tree maker is one of the popular genealogy programs. Currently, family tree maker 2019 is the latest version of family tree maker software. Apart from this, some people use family tree maker 2017 as the latest version of family tree maker. We have written a review post on FTM 2019 and FTM 2017.

Get FTM 2019 New Free Update 24.2

Does This Tool Have Any Limitations?

If you want to know about the reviews of both then you can check by clicking family tree maker 2017 reviews and family tree maker 2019 reviews. Here we will tell you some limitations of family tree maker 2019, which are:

Limitations Of Family Tree Maker 2019

  • FTM 2019 can’t store your ancestry login information no longer.
  • logout you at random intervals, when someone forces your login credentials and gets back in.
  • Edit>Find and Replace option does not work properly on Mac but still works in Windows.
  • Find individual still does not work in both FTM 2017 and FTM 2019.


In this article, we tell you how you can make a free family tree. What are the limitations of FTM 2019 and FTM 2017? If you still did not get your answer then you can call the family tree maker support number. Our toll-free number is +1-800-697-1474.

FAQ Questions

Question: What is the best family tree maker free?

Answer:, family historian 6, family heritage, legacy family tree, family tree maker, and FamilySearch are the best family tree maker free software.

Question: Can I download family tree maker?

Answer: Yes, you can download family tree maker software.

Question: How do I create a family tree online?

Answer: If you want to create a family tree online then you can make your family tree online by using family tree maker software or

Question: What is the best family tree maker website?

Answer: The best family tree maker websites are,,,,, 23andme, ancestry DNA, FamilyTreeDNA, and Living DNA.


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