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WikiTree | Make Your Free Family Tree

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Free Family Tree: WikiTree

Wikitree com, a social-networking genealogy website founded in 2008. The headquarters of WikiTree is situated in New York, New York, USA. Chris Whitten is the founder of Wiki Tree. In this article, we will give you a detailed review of Wiki Tree. So if you want WikiTree in-depth Review then read this post.

You can also say that WikiTree is a free Family Tree that allows people to individually research and contribute their personal family tree for free. owned this and hosted it by itself. It is one of the largest genealogy records. You can also use the WikiTree app.

WikiTree Attributes

Honor Code

Honor code is a nine-digit code that encourages collaboration, accuracy, and the use of sources. Wiki Tree members requesting to Wiki Tree community for this nine digits honor code.

User Privacy of Wikitree

It provides security to their member’s personal information. Each profile is managed by one or more profile managers. Other members who are related to that person or willing to share information about them can be added to the profile’s “Trusted List”.

Members of a profile’s Trusted List have full access to the page’s details. Wiki Tree has seven different levels of profile privacy.

Features of Wiki Tree

The WikiTree website emphasizes the creation of a shared, global family tree. The site’s goal is to have a single profile for each person, living or dead.

The website has a page of “frequently asked questions” (FAQs) and a “genealogist to genealogist” (G2G) forum. Where users can get answers and help with genealogical and technical questions. Members who answer questions and contribute information to the site earn points and badges. Most notably by assisting users in gaining proficiency in using the system.


Leaders also oversee a slew of projects on the site, which further categorize researchers based on their interests. Currently, underway projects include 1776, Acadians, Australian Convicts and First Settlers, US Black Heritage, European Aristocrats, Puritan Great Migration, Scottish Clans, US Civil War, and US Presidents. Many of the projects maintain Google and Facebook groups to keep members up to date.

The Cemeteries Project and the Global Family Reunion Project, a tie-in to a worldwide family genealogy event hosted by author A.J. Jacobs.

The website also has a blog that features two other frequently asked question pages. One is “Profile of the Week” and the other is “Photo of the Week.” Members who are active in Wiki Tree also can ask and tell the solution.

GEDCOM Uploads And Matching

With digital genealogical data, users can upload computer-generated GEDCOM files. Once users upload the GEDCOM file, WikiTree’s GEDCompare tool compares both data and matches with existing profiles.

DNA Testing And Confirmation

It allows individuals to upload the results of their Y-chromosome (Y-DNA) and mitochondrial (mtDNA) testing for the aim of scientifically establishing paternal (male) and maternal (female) ties within their family tree utilizing DNA Ancestor Confirmation Aid (ACA).

  • Confirm or deny paternal and maternal ties across the last five generations.
  • Identify which relatives should take certain tests in order to confirm or reject such relationships.
  • Show which such relationships have already been confirmed. 
  • List relevant DNA tests that would aid in the confirmation of such relationships for family members who have not been tested.
  • Assist in the discovery of useful resources and other information.


WikiTree is a very popular free family tree. In this post, you learned what is WikiTree and its features.

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Question: Is WikiTree any good?

Answer: Yes, it is also a good family history community that is run by volunteers. You can use it for free. After connecting your tree to the global tree, you can extend your family tree.

Question: What is the best site for tracing a family tree?

Answer: First, if we look for a free genealogy program then you can use FreeBND, FreeREG, FreeCEN, and FamilySearch. If you want a paid genealogy program then you can go with ancestry and family tree maker 2019.

Question: Is WikiTree better than ancestry?

Answer: The largest difference between both is Wiki Tree provides 100% purely family tree service. It doesn’t offer any DNA testing or result. On the other hand, ancestry is the largest genealogy website and also provides DNA services.

Question: Is WikiTree Free?

Answer: Yes, you can use WikiTree for free.

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