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Best Tips To Manage Your Family Tree [Step By Step Guide]

manage your family tree
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How To Manage Your Family Tree?

There are so many actions that you can perform to Manage Your Family Tree. In this post, we will tell you how to manage your family tree. To manage your Family Tree you can perform many tasks like moving trees between computers/accounts, downloading a family tree, and you can also upload a tree.

Moving Trees Between Accounts

If you’ve got multiple accounts on Ancestry and would really like to mix them, or if you would like to Manage your Family Tree that’s on someone else’s account, you will download the tree and upload it to a different account as a GEDCOM file. But, there is no file included in the tree because GEDCOM files are text only. Notes and sources are usually retained after conversion.

If you’re merging two of your own accounts and one among the accounts features membership and one doesn’t move your trees to the account that has the membership; this may enable you to seek out and add media to the tree.

Any trees that are downloaded from one account and uploaded to a different one will remain on the first account unless they’re manually deleted from the first account.

Downloading A Family Tree

If you’re moving a tree from an account you own, check into the account that has the tree you would like to maneuver. If somebody else is sending you the tree file from their account, skip to the uploading a tree section.

  • From any page on Ancestry, click the Trees tab and choose the tree you’d wish to transfer. In the top-left corner of the tree, click the tree name, and choose Tree Settings.
  • In the column on the proper, click Export tree. You can skip the step if you are seeing download your GEDCOM file except for the export tree button.
  • Right-click Download your GEDCOM file (Mac: Ctrl+click).
  • Firstly, You will see “the download your GEDCOM file” in the place of the export tree button once the GEDCOM file has been generated.
  • Select Save as from the menu, Save Target as, or Save Link as.
  • In the window that appears, select Desktop from the panel on the left and click on Save.
  • Your tree file will appear on your desktop.

Uploading A Tree

However, If you are Managing your Family Tree, move trees between two accounts you own. Firstly,  you have to sign out of your first account and then sign in to your second account. If you’re copying a tree from someone else’s account and they’ve sent you the tree file, sign in to your own Ancestry account.

  • Firstly, Click the Trees tab and choose Create & Manage Trees.
  • Secondly, Click the Upload a GEDCOM file link beneath your list of trees.
  • On the Upload, a genealogy page, click Choose File or Browse and choose the tree you saved to your desktop. open, In the Tree Name field, enter a reputation for your tree.
  • To make your tree publicly viewable, keep Allow others to ascertain my tree as a public member tree checked. Uncheck it to create your private tree. All trees are publicly listed by default. Only the names of the deceased are available in public family trees; the names of the living persons are concealed.
  • Enter an outline of your tree, if you want. If your tree is public, this description is going to be public.
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement and click on Upload. Your tree will now appear within the Trees tab.


This is how you can manage your family tree with easy steps. If you face any issues or problems in managing your family tree then feel free to call our toll-free number +1-800-697-1474. You can also use Family Tree Maker Live Chat support as free support.

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