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4 Easy Steps For How To Repair Tree File In FTM 2019

Repair tree file in FTM 2019

Last updated on January 27th, 2023 at 07:37 am

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Repair Tree File In FTM 2019

Is your family tree maker 2019 file being corrupted and want to fix it? Read this post how to repair tree file in FTM 2019 with easy step.

Note: It is recommended always take a full backup of a family tree when you repair your family tree maker.

Simple Steps To Repair Tree File In FTM 2019

Please follow the simple steps if you want to fix corrupted tree file in family tree maker 2019.

  1. First of all close your family tree with the 2019 software and reopen it.
  2. After that from the top left corner click on the tool option.
  3. Then choose compact file option from the drop down menu.
  4. On the next window you will see an option that says perform extended analysis. Repeat this process until you see 0% compact.

This is how you can simply fix your family tree file FTM 2019.

What If Tree File Is Not Fixed By This Process?

If your tree file in active 2019 is not fixed by the above instructions then you will need to open your backup file if you have one. Otherwise, if you are an ancestor user then download the tree from ancestry.

Another Way To Repair A Tree File In Family Tree Maker 2019

There is another way to repair a tree file in Family tree maker 2019 which is TreeVault Cloud Service. Sometimes it’s happened there are some users so that I don’t have a backup of their family tree they can get their family tree file using TreeVault Cloud Services.


This is how you can repair a tree file in FTM 2019. Need any help or support regarding your family tree or genealogy program then you can call us at our toll free number. Toll free number is +1-800-697-1474. Getting free tech support then you can use family tree maker live chat support service.

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