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Updating Family Tree Maker [Ultimate Guide]

updating family tree maker

Last updated on June 5th, 2023 at 09:01 am

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Updating Family Tree Maker

Family Tree Maker 2019 (FTM 2019) is the latest version of FTM, released on 29 Sep 2019. It has been almost 20 years since people used it. The software has seen many changes and enhancements since its inception. Family Tree Maker 2019 has some new features but before updating your family tree maker please check the given points.

We’ll cover each of these reasons successively, also with a couple of other points. It is based totally on using the version for macOS (Mojave). I took a gander at the Windows version, as well.

Family Tree Maker 2019 Features

1. Price of Family Tree Maker 2019

The full price is $79.95, the regular upgrade price is $59.95. If you updating the family tree maker 2019 right now then you can update your family tree maker for just $49.95. I’ll have more to mention about the worth in my conclusion.

2. TreeVault Cloud Services of Family Tree Maker 2019

The best thing that you get after updating the family tree maker is the TreeVault Cloud Service. As the name implies, this is often a replacement cloud service offered by Software MacKiev to FTM users. In cloud service, you get subsequent features:

  • Emergency Tree restores service. TreeVault keeps a continuously updated copy of your tree for you. So that if your disk drive should crash or another catastrophe strikes.
  • FTM Connect may be a FREE mobile app. It displays your latest FTM tree anywhere, at any time. Even when your computer is off. You can also use your iPad to continuously update your tree.
  • With quite a billion historical weather records, historical weather adds color to your family story. Dates will never ever be dull.
  • If you want a successor to pass your family tree along with your genealogy. The Next of Kin allows you to do this. You’ll get a certificate that will be included with a will. These documents help you for taking up your account alongside your Genealogy Maker license.

FTM Connect

FTM Connect has been renamed, Pedigree Maker Connect. It is out there for free of charge within the Apple App Store. I used to be unable to check FTM Connect since I don’t own an iPad or iPhone. Apart from this, therefore the Android version isn’t available yet. However, the mobile version won’t have any media, since they’re not uploaded to TreeVault.

Historical Weather

Historical Weather may be a separate function accessed from the TreeVault button within the main toolbar. It works by entering an area and date and mentioning one or more stations with the temperature and precipitation. The pre-order email implied it might be integrated with the events for an individual, perhaps on the Timeline view. Where historical events are often shown, but this is often not the case.

Next Of Kin

Next of Kin may be a simple tool to designate a primary and alternate person to receive your FTM license. The result’s a certificate that will be printed or saved as a PDF file and kept with a will. It’s a pleasant little tool but not worth bragging about. Once more, its main limitation is that a TreeVault tree contains only the essential tree with no media. A far better option would be to supply successors with direct access to FTM files, including their attached media.

3. Rich Color Coding 

Updating Family Tree Maker into FTM 2019 provides you the rich color coding. Rich color coding is used for the enhancement of color. A Colour coding feature is also available in FTM 2017. But in family tree maker 2019, this feature comes with rich color coding. Which makes family tree maker 2019 better than FTM 2017. Color coding allowed for adding colors to the ancestors of an individual or a filtered list. For instance, you’ll mark each of your grandparents and their ancestors a special color.

Rich color coding also involves identifying all the descendants of an individual with separated colors. Obviously, this feature is most useful when viewing your tree in a graphical view. The feature works as advertised. It’s a little, incremental improvement, not a serious new feature.

4. Tree Browser in Family Tree Maker 2019

Tree Browser is one of the best features of family tree maker 2019. By using these features you can easily find out all trees present in your system. With the help of the Tree browser, you can see detailed information about every tree-like size of the tree, members in the tree, tree creation date, etc. You can also show the modified date of the tree by these features.

5. Profile Picture Cropping Tool In Family Tree Maker 2019

Profile Picture Cropping Tool “detects the person’s face and zooms just the proper amount, then crops an ideal square in order that it fits perfectly on each leaf of your tree. This tool uses “smart technology” to detect a person’s face. It’s currently smart enough as long as there’s one face within the photo, albeit the instance within the pre-order sale email showed a photograph with four faces.

6. The Number Of Items

The number of items on the individual document, media, web links, and task tabs, media, and documents is simply folder counters. Personally, I don’t find this feature terribly important, since I can see at a look whether there are any notes, sources, or source media or not. the most thing I’d use it for most is for tabs whose contents are hidden, just like the Person Media or Tasks tabs; seeing that I don’t have any media attached might prompt me to seek out some, or that there’s one task that might make me see what it’s.

7. Smart Filters Of Family Tree Maker 2019

Smart Filter is an improvement of the Filtered List functionality introduced in FTM 2017.  Previously the lists were static, meaning they didn’t automatically update if you added new folks that matched the standards to the tree. The smart folder term is usually used in macOS or saved searches in Windows 7, 8, and 10.

When I save a filtered list of people who served in World War II, it will now refresh automatically if I add more people who served as well. This is often a little but welcome improvement.

You’ll also merge conditions from two or more smart filters. While it’s going to save a touch of time recreating and modifying a filter, in practice it doesn’t work the way you would possibly think.

I assumed I could take my War II filter, add my filter of individuals born in Iowa, and obtain just the folks that matched both criteria (i.e., narrow the search). Unfortunately, all it does is broaden the search by adding the 2 criteria together, giving me both people that served in War II AND were born in Iowa. To narrow the results right down to those born in Iowa, I had to filter those that weren’t born in Iowa. This list still included people with no birthplace, and therefore the only thanks to filter them out are to feature a birth event for all of them and leave the birthplace blank.

8. Hints Within The Index

Hints within the Index show whether there are Ancestry hints or FamilySearch hints for every person within the Index, not just on a person’s profile. This will be useful if you would like to see hints for people during a filtered list, just like the War II examples above.

9. FamilySearch Integration 2.0

FamilySearch Integration 2.0 builds upon the FamilySearch (FS) integration that was introduced to FTM 2017, which only provided hints to FS genealogy and allowed you to fit profiles to your trees.

If you save a filtered list of people who served in War II or add more individuals who also served, it will now update automatically.

Personally, I hate merging FamilySearch profiles with my tree because it can create multiple badly formatted source citations, since not only maybe a citation for the profile itself created, but also citations for all the citations within the profile.

10. The Roll Back Changes Feature

The Roll Back Changes feature may be a good start and may be very useful for rolling back a bunch of changes directly. However, to form it more useful, it might be better if it were possible to roll back one or more changes without having to undo all of those before them. for instance, I even have subsequent changes in my log.


These are some points that you have to check before updating the family tree maker. I hope this post is beneficial to you. If you know more topics like this then you can read blogs from our site. If you need any help in updating the family tree maker then you can call our tech support number at any time.

FAQ On Updating Family Tree Maker

#Q1: How do I update my Family Tree Maker?

Ans: For updating your family tree maker you can contact family tree maker support and tell them to update your family tree maker.

#Q2: Is there any new version of Family Tree Maker?

Ans: FTM 2019 is the latest version of family tree maker.

#Q3: Can I upgrade Family Tree Maker 2010?

Ans: Yes, you can upgrade the family tree maker from 2010 to 2019.

#Q4: Can I upgrade Family Tree Maker 2012, 2017?

Ans: Yes, you can upgrade FTM from 2012 to 2017. For more information contact us at +1-800-697-1474.

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  1. I recently bought a new laptop and the seller transferred everything from my old one and I have had difficulty accessing FTM since. I have very basic computer skills so would be grateful for any simple solution that you can suggest to help me gain access to my program. many thanks Les Riley

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