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Review of Award-Wining Genealogy Software – RootsMagic

rootsmagic review
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RootsMagic Review

Hello everyone, welcome to our new post, “RootsMagic Review”. This post will give you a complete review of the award-winning genealogy software RootsMagic.

If you are interested in genealogy and want to know more about RootsMagic software, then this post is for you. Here we will tell you its features and its versions.

What is RootsMagic Software?

So first, we start with the question, what is RootsMagic software? As we know, there are different types or kinds of genealogy software on the market. Some of them are free to use, and you have to pay for some software. Customers choose them according to their needs and budget.

RootsMagic Features

It is strange that we are doing a review of any software and do not talk about its features, isn’t it? So here we tell you some best features of Roots Magic software. Please have a look.

  • Free to use
  • Simple user interface
  • Single file database
  • Integrated backup
  • Free technical support
  • Easy data entry
  • Run directly from the flash drive on both (Win and Mac)
  • Easy navigation
  • Tree view
  • Easy map view
  • Merge duplicate people easily
  • Easily fix the broken links
  • People search easy
  • Easy save reports

System Requirements for Roots Magic Software

  • An operating system should be Windows seven or later (Windows 8, 10, and 11) for Windows.
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 500 MB Hard Disk

Popular Versions of Roots Magic Software

Here we will tell you about its latest and most popular versions.

Roots Magic Essentials

It is the most popular version of Roots Magic software. You can easily download and install RootsMagic essentials.


RootsMagic 7 is one of the latest versions of RootsMagic software. If you want to know more about RootsMagic 7 review, then click here.


RootsMagic 8 is the latest version of roots magic software. The company introduced this version with some new features. Download RootsMagic 8 now and make your family tree for free. If you want to know more about the Roots Magic 8 review, click here.

Latest Version of RootsMagic Software

The company released RootsMagic 9 as the latest version of RootsMagic software on 27th February 2023. It has some new features that make it better than its other versions.


This is all in RootsMagic Review. I hope you liked this post. If you need any help or query, contact us at our toll-free number +1-800-697-1474.

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