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How To Download Family Tree Maker For Free?

download family tree maker
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MacKiev does not provide a free copy of the Family Tree Maker app. So, in case you want to download family tree maker for free, you will need to contact MacKiev and request them a free copy. It really depends on MacKiev to honor your request.

If they do not honor your request, then you can purchase a licensee version of Family Tree Maker and install it on your device.

System Requirements For Download Family Tree Maker:-

Mac Operating System

OS X 10.10 or later version, 900 MB Hard Disk Space, RAM Should be 2GB or Above 2GB, and Screen Resolution should be 1280×800.

Windows Operating System:-

A user must have Windows 7 or a later version of the Microsoft Windows operating system. Family Tree Maker requires a 900MB hard disk to be installed. RAM 2GB is required. Screen Resolution 1024×768.

Note: The user cannot install this program on any other device. This app is limited to macOS and Windows Operating systems.

How To Download Family Tree Maker Software?

If you like to download Family Tree Maker, then you should know the first thing. It is not free. Since it is not free, you will need to contact MacKiev to purchase a license to download it.

Let’s Follow The Download Process For macOS:-

For macOS Download Steps Using Weblink:-

As soon as you purchase the FTM license, you get download links. There is two links one is for mac, and one is for windows.

Please click on the link that says it is for macOS then go to downloads file and find ftm19.dmg and open it. You should follow the on-screen instructions and install the software.

If you do face an issue, you can contact our Family Tree Maker Support Team to get your FTM issue resolved.

For macOS Download Steps Using USB:-

Please insert the Family Tree Maker USB in your device’s USB port. Go to the disk folder and open Family Tree Maker software. Click on all the positive responses and install the software.

Please know if you are using a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air laptop then you may need to use a web link which will be easier. Most of MacBook laptop user does not know that they are ordering a USB that will not work with their laptop.

For macOS Download Steps Using CD:-

The process of USB and CD is the same. You will need to insert a family tree maker CD in your device and go to the same disk area and install the software.

Let’s Follow The Download Process For Windows OS: –

Download Family Tree Maker Software Using The Link:–

Please click on the FTM link and download the software. Go to your download folder and click on FTM.exe. Please click on run to run the software and install it.

FTM has an easy set up so you will not face any issue but if you do, you can always contact us.

Install Family Tree Maker Software Using USB:–

Insert your Family Tree Maker USB. Your USB may auto-run and ask you to choose what you would want to do. Click on it to install the software.

Download Family Tree Maker Software Using CD:-

CD installation process is almost the same as USB. Insert your disk and open the Family Tree maker software and install it.


You will be able to learn if you can or cannot download Family Tree Maker free of cost! You will also learn How to download Family Tree Maker.

FAQ Questions:
#Q1. How can I create a family tree for free?

Ans: You can create a family tree for free with online tools like Canva. First, download Canva on your computer. After that select the templates for making a family tree. Then choose the right features for your tree like lines, images, and shapes.

#Q2. Is there a free version of Family Tree Maker?

Ans: Yes, you can get a free version of family tree maker with RootsMagic essentials.

#Q3. Can I download Family Tree Maker?

Ans: Yes, you can download family tree maker. If you already have a tree on Ancestry then you can easily download and link it with FTM as a new tree.

#Q4. What is the best family tree maker free?

Ans: FamilySearch, RootsMagic Essentials, and Family Tree Maker are known as the best family tree maker.

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