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Best Genealogy Software For Professionals In 2022

best genealogy software for professionals

Last updated on April 14th, 2022 at 12:32 pm

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Best Genealogy Software Used By Professionals

To find your origins is indeed an arduous task. If you are into it, be ready to spend your days, weeks, months, and even years. Today in this article we will discuss such genealogy software which is known as the best genealogy software for professionals.

With technological advancement, there are opportunities available to easily work on your genealogy. With its help, you can easily find out about your ancestors and research your family history in an effortless way.

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Best Genealogy Software for Professionals

It can now be done on your personal computer at home or outside a home on a mobile device. The genealogy software like Family Tree Maker or RootsMagic has features like FTM Connect App or RootsMagic App which is available on the App Store.

Best genealogy software allows you to build your family tree and record pertinent information about your ancestors and your family. This information includes the birth and death dates, locations of residence and work, and relationships.

Linking your research sources and citations to your family tree is much easier now with the help of genealogy software. Keeping multiple databases for more than one family tree has never been so easier.

If you want to print reports and charts of your family tree then you can do this with this pedigree maker. Even you can easily share your tree with your family members and your friends with this pedigree maker. That’s why it is also known as the best genealogy software for Mac also.

Storing your photos, audio, and video, and the scanned documents related to your ancestors is made possible with the help of this genealogy software. You can also backup the collected information to secure it in case of your computer crashes down. Once you have backed up the file, you can also share it with anyone you want.

There is a wide selection of genealogy software to use to build your tree and research your ancestral roots and store information. Finding the best one for genealogy professionals is not an easy task.

Family Tree Maker

FTM or Family Tree Maker is one of the best genealogy software which is used by professionals. Family Tree Maker software is also widely used genealogy software. It has been around for the last three decades. It provides everything that a genealogy professional needs. 

Apart from the regular feature of family tree maker introduce its new version which is the latest Family Tree Maker version 2019 has additional features which make it a unique one. One of the new and useful features among other distinctive features available in Family Tree Maker software is FamilySync.

It is a distinctive feature that helps in the automatic synchronization of more than one family tree. Family Sync helps when you and your family members work on a tree in collaboration. This new information reflects your tree which helps in family research and makes your tree in a better way.

Best Genealogy Software For Mac

One of the other peculiar features Family Tree Maker 2019 offers is Color Coding. You can assign a color as a code for the line of your ancestors. There are eight colors you can use. You can save more time tracking your research and updates. Family Tree Maker 2019 connects with and It lets you download records directly to your Family Tree Maker software.

The most important and useful feature of Family Tree Maker is Turn Back Time.  This feature is worth buying this software or upgrading it from the previous edition. FTM keeps a track of every one of your last 1000 changes made on the tree. You can roll back to the date where you made a wrong entry or entered any incorrect information. This is very much possible even if there is no previous backup.

It is also one of the few software that allows you to add same-sex marriages to your family tree. With it, you get helpful hints and clues if you get blocked anywhere while carrying out your research.  All you need is a stable Internet connection. Many professionals used family tree maker software for creating a family tree.

Need Help

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#Q1: What tools do professional genealogists use?

Ans: Professional genealogists use online census records, DNA testing, Genealogy megasites, and Google for doing genealogy searches.

#Q2: Is RootsMagic better than Family Tree Maker?

Ans: Family Tree Maker is best if you are doing work on the same family tree with your family member. But if you want to create a webpage for finding your ancestors then RootsMagic 7 and Legacy is the best option for you.

#Q3: What replaces the family tree maker?

Ans: In march 2017, Mackiev and ancestry permanently retired the TreeSync feature and replaced it with FamilySync.

#Q4: How many years does it take to become a genealogist?

Ans: There is no need for education to become a genealogist. If you want to become a genealogist then the best way to learn genealogy is to attend workshops, online courses, and conferences. Apart from this, before becoming a professional you must become certified by any genealogical society.

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