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Search United States Military Records Online

search military records online
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Search Military Records Online

Military records prove that you or your ancestors serve in the military. It also helps you to find jobs or government benefits. Apart from this, you can also find your ancestors’ records with the help of military records. This post will tell you, how to search military records online and how to find your family history with these documents.

But some of the military records are on paper and you need to get permission to print that and mailed to you.  Here we will tell you how many types of military records are and how to search military records online. So be with us and learn all about U.S. military records.

Types of Military Records

Here we give some different types of military records that you can search online or offline.

World War I – Present

The first type of military record is World War I to present where you can search your family history. You can find all these records from National Personnel Records Center. The NPRC has many records including official military personnel files that include,

  • Duty stations and assignments
  • Qualifications and training
  • Awards
  • Disciplinary actions

Before World War I

If your ancestors served army before world war I then you can also request military records. You can also request to search military records online if you are not a next of kin of a military person.

If You Are A Next of Kin

To get a copy of the vet’s military records, you can:

Most of the requests are free.

If You Are Not A Next of Kin

You can also search military records if you are not a next of kin but the information will be limited. Learn how to get non-archival military records from the general public and researchers.

Check The Status of Your Military Records Request

For checking the records from world war I to the present please contact the national personnel records center. For older military records formally before 1917 contact the national archives.

How To Get Military Identification (ID) Card?

Military ID cards are the property of U.S. government for use only by the issued card holder.

Get Or Report A Military ID Card

If you want to replace your military id card then use the ID card office locator to get or replace the id card. Please call the office to verify the id card issuing hours and location. Please keep in mind that bring all the required documents to the id office like pdf.

Report A Lost Or Stolen Id Card

If your card was lost then report it to the id card office or mail it to:

CMS Consumables team

Defense Manpower Data Center

2102 E 21st Street N

Wichitia, Kansas 67214

Correct military service records or discharge

If you have any corrections in your military card then you can correct them by doing a request. Correction likes next of kin, surviving spouse, and legal representative of a deceased.

Other Military Records Search Online

You can also search military records online from the given military records.

Revolutionary War

War of 1812

Mexican War

Civil War


This is how you can search military records online and modify your military records so that you can easily search your ancestor’s history and get government benefits. For any help, contact us at +1-800-697-1474 anytime. you can also use our live chat support service for free support.

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