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Download FamilySearch Apps (Family Tree App and Memories App)

FamilySearch Apps
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Hello there, if you are using the FamilySearch app then the good news is waiting for you. In this post, we will tell you about the two important FamilySearch apps.

Family Tree App and Memories app are two important mobile apps that are very useful to you.

Here we will tell you, what you get from these apps and what are the features of these mobile apps.

First, we want to tell you that in the family search apps, you will get two options: the first is the family tree app and the second is the memories app.

Family Search Apps

Both apps’ details are given below please check them one by one.

Family Tree App

In the family tree app, you can build your family tree easily from anywhere. You can use record hints to learn more about your family. If you want to see how you are related to other FamilySearch users then you can also do this with this app.

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With this app, you can also know more about yourself and your family through fun activities. You can easily download this app anytime from the play store.

Memories App

Record your family’s memorable memories with the FamilySearch Memories app. You can save your old photos and attached them to your family tree.

With this app, you can get all your family records in one place. If you want to add audio to your photos then you can also do this with this memories app.

How To Get This App?

Since you know the app features, now you will learn how to access the apps. You can get this app from multiple platforms. Some of the ways we tell you from where you can get this app.

  • Apple Phones or Tablets: You can get both apps from your Apple devices, like iPhone and iPad.
  • Android Phones or Tablets: If you don’t have an iphone or iPad then not to worry. You can also download these apps on your Android phones or tablets.
  • Chromebook: You can also access these apps on your Chromebook.
  • Kindle or amazon fire tablets:  If you have a Kindle or amazon fire tablet then to access the familysearch app first you have to download the Google Play app. After that, you can easily access the familysearch app.

Features Of FamilySearch Mobile Apps

The best feature of the FamilySearch Apps is you can do your family search within just 5 minutes. You don’t need to wait for the doctors.

These apps allow you to do almost everything that can do. These apps are accessible from your phone or mobile device.

Top Features Of FamilySearch Apps

Some top features of the FamilySearch apps are given below:

  • Check your ancestors on an interactive map.
  • Easy and fast add your Facebook and Instagram photos to FamilySearch.
  • Check how you related to people around you.


This is all about FamilySearch Apps. After this post, you will learn almost everything about FamilySearch Apps. If you like these apps then go to the Google Play store and get these amazing apps.

If you face any problem with family search or genealogy software then call family tree maker support.

FAQ On FamilySearch Apps

For your better understanding, we have a FAQ section. Please check that and get your questions instant answer.

#Q1. Is the FamilySearch app free?

Ans: Yes, FamilySearch App is free to use. You can use its basic membership for free.

#Q2. What is the difference between FamilySearch and Ancestry?

Ans: Both FamilySearch and Ancestry are very good online family history services. The main difference between both is that is free. It means you can access the records freely. And for using ancestry you need to purchase an ancestry subscription. You can use the ancestry free trial for 14 days.

#Q3. Which family tree app is best?

Ans: Some of the best family tree apps are given below:
1. Ancestry
2. Intervieewy
3. WDYTYA Forum
4. Treeview
5. My Heritage
6. Find a Grave

#Q4. Who runs FamilySearch?

Ans: FamilySearch International runs FamilySearch. Its headquarter is situated in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

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