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FamilySearch 2.0 – Match vs Merge

FamilySearch 2.0
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Match vs Merge in FamilySearch 2.0

How to add a FamilySearch ID to an individual without merging from a web search. I just want to repeat and paste the ID into my tree. So I can keep it during away the program understands. But without taking an opportunity of merging something from someone else tree that I do not want. Here we will tell you familysearch 2.0 match vs merge.

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FamilySearch 2.0 was implemented with FTM2019 and I have blogged about this before. The feature that you simply want is in FTM2019, which is the MATCH feature. Within the Web Search Workspace, following a FamilySearch HINTyou’ve got TWO options: Merge or MatchYou would like the Match option.


If you want to go to the WebSearch workspace then you have to click on the FamilySearch Hint. By clicking on FamilySearch you will redirect to WebSearch Workspace. Compare the knowledge in your FILE on the Left, and data from FamilySearch on the proper.

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If you think that they’re an equivalent person, click on the MATCH option. This option will put the person’s profile in your database. No other information is brought into Family Tree Maker.

The result’s the FamilySearch ID is going to be added. Please note, there’ll be no Citation for that FACT, and NONE is Required and not reported within the Undocumented Fact Report. For getting instant support please contact us or call the family tree maker support number.

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This is all about familysearch 2.0. If you need any help then you can call the family tree maker support help number at +1-800-697-1474.

Now you can also use a Family Tree Maker Live Chat option for getting instant help. Our live chat option is available 24/7.


#Q1: Is FamilySearch totally free?

Ans: Yes, a Family search is totally free and you can use it free.

#Q2: Can I upload my DNA results to FamilySearch?

Ans: Yes, you can upload your DNA result to a family search but for this, you have to create a GEDCOM file.

#Q3: Are ancestry and family search connected?

Ans: Yes, there is a partnership between ancestry and family search.

#Q4: Is FamilySearch part of ancestry?

Ans: No, familysearch is not a part of ancestry. It is a service provided by the Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints.

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